Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Old Care Home

Some two weeks ago on my way to work, i heard on the radio about old parents being left & taken care at old folks home or rumah jagaan org tua...The saddest part was that they were abandon or neglected by their selfish children who does not want to take care of them . One simple reason that even me got to think of was how burdensome to take care of them... A reason that I simply can not accept. Can you?

And yes, I feel angry too to those selfish children who left their old parents at old folks home and did not even bother to come and visit them regularly .

But another part of me got me to think of the main reason that drives these people to do it in the first place. I don’t think all of us can just simply commit to an act just like that overnight. Something might have played a factor in it...

Suddenly all i can think of is upbringing. How each of us is brought up by our parents since the day one of our lives.

Imagine if we are brought up in family full of love and attention. This has to start from the day we are born. And throughout the entire course of our life from baby to toddler to teenager to adulthood, our parents were always there in our live. Always guiding us in a loving way , teaching us to be a good human being that know what is right and wrong.

I guess if all parents are like that, then maybe we would not see this syndrome of leaving parents at old folks home happening.

When there is not much love and strong feelings between parents and children, anything can come in between that relationship. There is this malay pepatah that says water is thicker than blood ( air dicincang takkan putus) which easily describe how family ties is like blood . No matter how many thousand times it you fight or quarrel with your family, in the end, the ties will always be reconnected.

But in order the ties to be strongly attached, love plays an important part in it. And if from the day one of our lives, we don’t feel loved by our parents , then how on earth for the ties to be strongly bonded.

So looking back on the main reason that may have been the factor on why these children left their old parents at old folks home , lack of love could be the answer.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Blog updates

There I was the one whose blogs are not updated with new entry. Rupa-rupanya ramai gak yang lain..

But most of these people are actively on Facebook..But not in blogging. Maybe FB is much more convenient to use thesedays. Plus, we are able to update on everything and share it with everyone in a matter of seconds. Provided that you can do it via phonemobile..  Which is why I just love my mini eventhough the slide have started to give way...I am sooooo into touch screen!! thanks dear for this great birthday gift!!!

I love the picture that I uploaded here.. Why? Cause it is so family holiday kinda shot.There's the small beach pail, the scoops and the tea/coffee set.. Took this when my kids were in la  la land ..

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Golden Palm Tree : 2

The weather was suitable for sailing on that Saturday. So off father and daughter for a sailing adventures. Mom and baby sister stayed put at the hotel kopitiam and took this photo using her fav handphone. I just love my handphone camera!!!

Aiyoh! the weather at Golden Palm tree was just blazing hot and sunny!!!! We arrived and checked-in at the hotel around 3 pm. And by the time we were done unloading our luggages at the room, it was past 4 pm. Which means we missed the bicycle tour  .

So what's next ? Off we went to the ballroom for some happy dance which was done by the hotel staffs.  Review: Poor. They could have done it better regardless the small number of people who turned up in the ballroom.

Next, we proceed to the beach. So hubby & Arissa off to sailing. That was the only activity they got to do. After that none at all due to no wind available for other beach activities..

Like I mentioned in my previous entry  that GPT is not a suitable resort for family with small children. Older kids would be ok la.. Even the kids pool was too small. Nevertheless, my girls had fun swimming in the pool. Even me too got a chance to do some swimming laps while hubby attended the kids.

Our room looked exactly like the photo which was posted in my previous entry. What I love most about the room were the towels and the bathroom mat which was super duper absorbent... Arissa loved the rain shower. The bathroom has a half blurred window glass facing the sea.So one get to look at the sea while having shower!!!  And how nice to see unplastic shampoo & shower gel bottles !

I asked for a baby cot.Thus the big twin beds became more spacious for me, Arissa & hubby. And there's a 4 seater dining table at the balcony which me and hubby utilised for our late night chat... The kids tido mati !Too tired with the sun and sea...

overall, the place is ok for those looking  for a quiet and peacefull holidays. It is suitable also for company meeting...So anyone willing to pay for RM1,000 +++ for a night stay at GPT?

Friday, 15 October 2010

Golden Palm Tree

if it wasn't vetoed by my CEO, we  the staffs would not be spending a night here..

Tomorrow , this is the placed where we will be spending our weekend as my company will be holding staff family day there..

I went there last tuesday to check on the place and to finalise what need to be confirmed for the family day.

One thing for sure this place is definitely a 5 star resort and the target market are those who wants a peacefull & quiet  holidays. Thus, it is not a family-with-small-children oriented resorts. Even the pool size and layout is not meant  for family with small kids. 

And if the dining area is crowded, the hotel management will open another dining area .This to ensure that hotel guests do not need to queue to take food. Imagine just you standing near the food counter to choose and pick your food  in your own sweet time.. hahahhaha...

more stories after the family day k...

Monday, 11 October 2010

Friends' wedding cum renunion

How nice to see all of them here at the wedding!

That was what running in my head at that moment. To see them hugging each others, the non stop chattering and those beaming happy faces were just priceless.

It's good when people especially your friends make an effort to come either to your wedding or to any gatherings and reunions. More meaningful when you have not seen each other ever since from that graduation day. Of course some of them may have been in touch via sms, emails & phones. But to have and seen all of your friends in flesh is truly wonderful.

So we were at my hubby's ex-uni friend’s wedding last Saturday. The wedding was done at one of the hotels in Jalan Ampang. It never crossed my mind that it would be a small posh wedding with only selected people being invited. I thought it was going to be some big fat Chinese wedding reception.

Since it was not an eight course wedding dinner, that night food was simply delicious ... Imagine having a palate of dessert like tiramisu, green tea ice cream, choc cake and another sweet dessert( that i dont know what to call it )..

Speaking about the selected guests, those seated at our table were the groom's university friends. I have to admit that I don't feel much at ease when being surrounded by an elite group of people. Those sharing our table (except us & another couple) are born with a silver spoon. All except two people were funded by their family to study at LSE.

To hear them speaking with an accent, hem..... However, I was surprised when some of them suddenly looked so kg ( kampung) when they talked in malay...hahahahh... I had a shock, mind you..Ye la, these people had it easy even after graduations.

But I have to say some of my hubby’s friends are beautiful inside too. Like the humble groom himself. And another friend who he has known since baby lagi… and another friend who is doing well too after graduation. To look at that last person and at my own hubby too, I’m just proud with what these 2 guys have achieved so far with life .Ye la bila nak compare dgn kawan2 mereka yg rich kids too…heheheheh

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Big Blue Yellow Building

Hopefully most of us have received the much waited 2011 Ikea catalog. My copy did not arrived at my doorstep from the Ikea delivery van. I got mine from my collegue who took it from vacant houses in his neighbourhood.

Some one in my house has been looking for this kind of 6 drawers. So when me & hubby went to Ikea a few weeks ago, we are just so happy with what we see. Insya Allah , hopefully we can come again and buy this thing for that person.

By the way, I have been using the Frajen bath towel which I bought early this year. How important it is get a good absorbent towel , right? well, the frajen towel is really absorbent and at an affordable price too!! 

Saturday, 2 October 2010


Aiyoh!!!!! Why la this allergy thing is happening to me???? Is it because I am old ? I am a 35 year old woman. Not ashamed to admit it. And I have not been having all those early menopause symptoms either. Thus what is wrong with my body hormones?

It all started when I used one of my old lipsticks. So ok. That I can accept as the main factor of this allergy I have on my upper lips. But suddenly this allergy is becoming like a common thing when I started using my newly bought lipsticks. Mind you, it’s one of those expensive brands and not from guardians and Watson.

I did check on its expiry date. So all still have one more year of shelf life. So what is main culprit of this allergy I am having on my upper lip?????

I need to buy some more lipsticks!!! I will not spend my precious time thinking too much this allergy thing. Another stress therapy for me !!!

Friday, 1 October 2010

Your love, your love is my drug

Suddenly the thought of buying myself an Arzu shawl is so stress therapy for me!!!!

And seeing how I can fit into my working pants which is a bit loose is so stress reliever too for me !!!!

I had a not so happy morning today. I like my morning not to be welcomed with complaints, nags and all unpositive vibes. It’s enough if my child is waking up crying as I can tolerate with it…But not from adults that obviously can actually prevent this from happening…

Wanna now what was my only comfort in the morning when all is haywire? The smiling face & laughter of my youngest daughter!

Another method is to just listen to all the unpositive vibes and just listen..Sometimes these people just want someone to listen to in the early morning!!! And how I am the CHOSEN ONE!!!!! ;(

Back to the my 1st stress medicine, I love Arzu shawls!!!! They have such lovely and nice but expensive shawls!!!! Thesedays, in order to prevent myself from stepping into Arzu shop & buy another shawls,I need to walk in a fast manner whenever passing over Arzu shop

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

It can be lonely at the top

Almost everyone there,are married and have children of their own except him.But  I pity him  for not being among us who are married regardless either we have children or none.

Wanna know why I pity him ? Well , he drives a mercedes benz CLS-Class & his is around my age. This you can summed up how succesfull he is among the host's friends.

Of course everyone like to have loads of money to spend and to save for retirement age. But for me it is a sad state when we dont have our loved ones ie our spouse and children to spend & share with. And it would be even more sad when u are the only child or when your parents are dead. I don't know if this guy that I am writing about is like this. But what I know is that he is single and available but lonely to me.

Almost everyone there were exchanging news about their children. But for him, he can not do that as it would be not much to be bond with.

So when me & hubby saw him walking to his car after attending the raya open house, both of us agree that how lucky we are to have each other .Luckier too that we are blessed with beautiful children. We may be not as rich as him .But we sure are rich by having each other and our two precious children.

I believe that when one is on a higher state like him who is single & rich, finding a a soulmate will be harder . Of course we need to have good perceptions of others.But there will always be that little tiny seed at the back of our mind that says that person could be up to no good. Us being human !

And I told my hubby that the easier way out for anyone like that guy is to get his parents to find some girl who is a daughter of a closed friends. A girl that you know was brought up in the manner that suited you.

Hemmm, how lonely it can be at the top when you are succesfull and rich but have no one to share and spend with.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Cendawan Kuko & Kulat sisir

Cendawan Kuko or kulat sisir .  I never thought I will come across this recipe on internet. Not that i was searching for it. Bumped into it accidently  actually. I was searching for ayam goreng berempah recipe  & found it. But this dish just reminds me of my mom who is away now  performing umrah with my dad.

How I miss my mom's cooking especially this special dish. What makes it special is the main ingredient which is the cendawan kuko . This special type of mushroom is something that you can't get it easily from the market. And not all market except pasar tani have it. And the availability is muchly depending on the season or the weather.

And cleaning it up prior cooking is quite detail. For u may find some ulat nanti..heheheh..

Normally my mom will cook it in the gulai lemak cili api style  add with anchovies only. 

Gosh!!!! i miss my mom.And her cooking too..

Friday, 13 August 2010

Mama Cantik

There’s a small red new scar on my face. Between my upper left lip and nose.This I got from that tiny splash of hot sauce while I was trying to taste my cooking. That happened on Monday before fasting begins. So yeah, the red dot is very very obvious to those naked eyes.

However, my small conversation with my eldest daughter last night at the kitchen sink, was so touching and sweet.

Arissa: Mama, when did u get that ( pointing to my red dot scar on my face)? You got it last night kan?

Me: Not last night dear. I got it two nights ago.

Arissa: Oh ya…Ha ah..you were cooking kan Mama?

Me: Yep! I got it while cooking.

Arissa: Now Mama dah tak cantik.

Me : Tak cantik? ( Surprised with her statement ) That’s ok. Tak pe if mama tak cantik.I got it because I was cooking for you .So that’s ok with me dear. Most important thing, is that mama cook for all of us.

Arissa: Eh! Tak la.. Mama still cantik. Tau Mama?

Me : Ok.. Thank you Sayang.

So yeah. I was surprised when my daughter made that honest statement about my new scar. Of course no one can denied that a scar on the face can turned a person from pretty to not so pretty face anymore. But what touched my heart was how quickly she changed her statement as not to offend me. She even touched my hand while saying that.

I don’t know about other kids around her age. But my daughter is one alert, smart & sensitive soon-to-be 5 year old girl who can sweeten you anytime !

Friday, 30 July 2010

That Personal touch

I can’t believe it that I actually love attending weddings at hotel.

I love weddings not for the chosen concept of the pelamin and how the whole hall is beautiful and creatively decorated. But I love it better for the well chosen songs that really suit the wedding mood. And I love it when there is a personal touch to the lovely ceremony.
By this, is the reason why I like the wedding that I attended last Saturday night.

It was a wedding done by my hubby’s big boss for his less-than a year graduated son’s wedding. The place is not a hotel and for someone like my hubby’s boss, he can actually throw the wedding at some posh hotel. Who would have thought that he chose Dewan Perdana Felda. Thanks for choosing this place as it means more income for my company group P&L .
The selection of songs done by the groom’s mother was so perfectly suited for the wedding as it captured the wedding mood. Yeah ! that lovey dovey and mushy mood of love-is-in-the-air…

Most of the songs are not the normal standard wedding songs that are always being played at weddings. The songs lyrics was so beautiful that I listened carefully to each words of it.. Even dearest hubby asked me whose song was it.. Only if I knew it dear!

However the most unforgettable part of the ceremony will be that small presentation done by the groom’s father. I think the groom will remember this special presentation for the rest of his life as it was done from the heart complete with that personal touch.

Being a Beatle fan, the groom’s father used songs clips from various Beatles’ songs to tell guests on how both the bride and the groom met and fall in love. The song clips had all of us laughing as most of it was perfectly chosen. Even the bride and the groom were laughing from the start to the end of the presentation. And guess what, we even noticed the groom’s father singing during the presentation.

And it was nice being able to meet and chat again with my hubby’s former big boss and his wife . Even though he is a well known figure in the banking world but his humble background including his wife too got me liking him to the max. Knowing a CEO like him make me wish of how splendid it will be if all CEOs out there are like him in personality and character.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010


When death came knocking on someone else's life, why is it that you will start  to feel fear of losing someone dear and closed you ?

Last week, Zai's mother passed away after completing her subuh prayer. She passed away in  simple and peacefull way . And how touching it is to know that she passed away after meeting her creator . I always think that solat/prayer are actually one's special meetings or  visits  to Allah, which is true if one thought of it that way.

And receiving an email from Zai with her profound advice for  us to cherish and appreciate our mother and to call them as often as we can, is just so true.

I guess all of us  have the thoughts of our parents at the back of our mind now and then. And we always have that thoughts of calling them. But  now and then, that thoughts were never able to materialise as by the time we have free time on our hands to do it, those thoughts are already been forgottened.

And when death come knocking into our life, then only do we regret of not doing it in the first place. And that includes me too...

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

She got me back on track

If it weren't for her , i think i may have put my plan of using CD on hold again . 

Two weeks back I finally made my first ever CDs purchase. I bought 2 Grobaby CDs and 2 Bumgenius CDs. And  2 extra inserts too. However,I have yet to try it on Aisyah as weekends are full of activities. Plus being me who insist on doing it on my own , caused delayed to all this . I know I can just explain everything to my maid on the CDs prewash things. But I just have to be there doing the prewash from the beginning to the end process. Hopefully I can use those CDs by this weekend. And hopefully there wont be any events or u-know-what to prevent me from trying it on Aisyah for the very 1st time.

By the way, I bought the pail to store dirty and soiled CDs. But I have yet to purchase the detergant and other accessories ie the pretty & colorful wetbag and nappy wipes.

And of course, the addiction of buying those pretty printed CDs like IttiBitti and BBMinky have definitely rubbed on me!

Monday, 12 July 2010

Maybe because I’m old…

Every time she is here for attending company’s courses or balik kampong, I will try to make myself available ie have lunch or have a short meet up with her who is my ex-roommate at university cum one of my closest friends too.

So she was here two days ago. We meet up over lunch at KLCC. We ate, talk, drink, ate, drink, talk and laught and sigh too over what life have happened to people around us. People that we know since university days. I have to admit that I made the right decision to see her.

Wanna know why? Because occasion /things like this are actually like a stress reliever and also like that get away vacation for the tired and mundane and routine one’s daily life. It’s like taking a short break from our daily life . And these breaks allow us to step back and look and ponder and think and analyse of what had happened inside and around our life.

There were sad stories and happy stories too. When I hear the sad stories like unsuccessful & unhappily-ever-after marriage & not till-death-do-us-part, it made me think of what actually had happened in those stories. I mean with what went wrong that their life stories has to end in a sad note.

One thing for sure, having a life partner who was your BF/GF during your uni days does not guarantee to eternal happy marriage. When love dies, so is the marriage. And the saddest part is when it is the children who have the heavy price for this broken marriage.

On a different note, another friend should have been there with us during our lunch. But she couldn’t come due to time constraint. I would have love to meet up with this friend of ours. And I was sad that she couldn’t join us. If things like this 5 years back, I would have been so upset and disappointed. But not now anymore. I guess these are petty issues to me right now. Why tied myself to something that is not happy and unproductive and useful.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Time alocation


Thursday, 24 June 2010

The New Girl on the block

Yep! She is the new girl on the block. I first saw her at the breastpump service centre. There she was lying on top of the box. The owner of the service centre said that they are still checking her out. See if she is suitable and can live it to it's expectation.

And like any guy out there who are always upgrading their car, seeing that new Ardo Calypso Breastpump just fueled my interest in knowing her more. But then,  that was couple of months back.

Now  seeing her again at this online shop that i frequently shop. Ahah!!!

I don't know if  I should get it .Not that my current ameda lactaline is not functioning. Happy to say that my purchase of Ameda was worth every cents. Dah la mahal. But so far, her performance is excellent. It's much better than spectra. I have tried spectra at Seremban Hospital. That was when Aisyah was hospitalised for her jaundice that she got during her age of two weeks old.

Gonna check that new beauty now..

Sisterly Love

I can see how Aisyah just love being with her big sister Arissa. Of how happy her face will be just to see her big sister coming back from school each schooling days. Of how she laugh when her big sister tickles her body. And how she calls her big sister in her own baby language.

Of course Arissa loves her small baby sister wholeheartedly.I remember how Arissa always wanted to help change her baby sister's dirty diapers.And how Arissa always wanted to feed her baby sister solid food during each feeding time.

But there are times also when both fight for dearest mama attention. And when this happens, dearest mama will have her hands full of both of them. Arissa  would be sitting at oneside  of my lap while the Aisyah too would be eyeing for another lap to sit. And if Arissa is talking, then Aisyah too would be talking in her own baby languages.  Of course moments like this is rather handful too me. But these are precious moments that are not worth it to be nag as moments like this wont last forever. Thus dearest mama will try her best to handle those two A's.

When I looked and judged back on those things mentioned earlier, I must say that His plan for me and my hubby was the best plan  planned. There are 4 years gap between Arissa and Aisyah. Most people would say that it's a big gap . But when i analysed it back, the year gap is just nice.

The 4 years gap enable Arissa to show to her baby sister what big sister is all about. As Arissa is at an age where she can understand some logic behind certain stuff , she is able to appreciate her baby sister existance . This is based and done in her own way .  Should the gap be less than 4 years, I wouldn't think Arissa would be able to appreciate her baby sister existance . Let alone to express her love for her baby sister.

Which is why i honestly believe there's a reason why Aisyah was born 4 years after Arissa. Sometimes, we made a plan that we think is the best planned plan. But little did we realised that there are reasonable hidden reasons why our plan did not happened our way. I did look back and analised  the gap/ But it all make sense now when I see the love display between Arissa and Aisyah.  Suddenly the 4 years gap made sensible reasons that is easy to understand.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

home alone single parent

Leslie Cheung . I'm watching one of  my favourite hong kong actors . The best part is that I am watching hong kong movie on ntv 7 . I used to do this ages ago .    A time long before my two pretty girls were born. And i am enjoying it.                                                                    

Friday, 14 May 2010


Who would have thought that a shop bearing the Nokia store name may not be what it seems to be perceived by our naked eyes.Like a wolf in sheep clothing where u ended paying through your nose.

Last Sunday, me and hubby when to LW Plaza to buy my birthday present. We did our research since end of Febuary. And the Nokia hp's saturday advertisement gave us a sign that it was time to get it.

So off we went with Arissa joining us at the very last minute notice. Gone were our dating plan for that Sunday..

The 1st shop that we went marketed themselves as Nokia authorised store. They even have it framed ( the authorisation paper) and displayed over the counter. But me and hubby wasn't  happy with their offers as it wasn't the same like the one we got at Sunway pyramid. Something wasn't right and missing.

Thus, we proceed to another Nokia store shop.  What we found afterwards were very shocking . 

We learned :
  1. that it was worth every penny we have to do a thorough research prior to buying my hp.
  2. That any Nokia Centre Store's registered chop shouldn't start with other company's name . For example  ABC Nokia Centre Store ..
  3. Double check with the salesperson on what do they mean by standard package ( when buying a hp). What items are inside the standard HP package .Never assume that all shops give the same standard package . Some shops have taken out one item that was supposed to be a standard package item and marketed them as a different or FOC gifts when buying the HP. Marketing gimmick which is not even wrong actually.
  4. Ask a lot of  shops on the hp u are eyeing and wanting to buy. These salesmen were only trying their best to clinch a deal . Thus nothing is wrong if they offered a customers a higher price than any other shop.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

5th mothers' day

  1. 1. I' m still Mr FI one and only wife. ALhamdulillah   
  2. Currently blessed with 2 girls with lovely big eyes ( their black eyes are big actually)
  3. Finnally got my new HP which was actually my birthday present from dearest hubby. This is after doing so many research. We got it at a very good price eventhough some sales person tried to con us..Alhamdulillah.
  4. I'm a hijab dress looking lady thesedays.
p/s: this entry is done via pc after much attempt from posting it via my new hp...i really NEED to master my skills in using my new gadget                                

Saturday, 10 April 2010

2 eagles for a tiger woods..

No one likes sex scandals . What's more infidelity. Doesn't matter whether it's physical or emotional infidelity. So what should be one's reaction when Tiger Woods make a comeback at the Golf US Master? I guess we either love or hate him.

Thus seeing him making  an excellent performance at US Master is awesome and great for the game of golf. I do think he is a great & talented golfer. But his infidelity was such a disgrace to himself  and to the game of golf. I do believe that he is not the only one caught in this shameful act but those people who are in it should be thankful to the God that their morally wrong act isn't out in the public. Not like Tiger. Too bad for Tiger that his act leaked to public knowledge while others none.

So yeah, I welcome his comeback to the game of golf. But i dislike him for what he has done to his wife & children. My only pray is that he will change into a better person. Sometimes, people like him should reattached himself to God and his faith. Only by doing this, the road of healing and cleansing will be an easier one. Just my thoughts.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Sunday Feb 21st 2010

Tomorrow is Sunday. And what I have in  my mind at the moment is the list of housechores that I have to do . Mind you that my otherhalf aka my dearest handsome hubby will be out early morning for his run. Yeah, he was once a basketball player but never a rugby player like what so many people have thought of him. And now he is a runner . A marathon runner. Thus, he has one tmrw morning.

As for me, I need to clean up my dusty family hall upstairs, my  eldest daughter's dirty room and not forgetting my room too. Thank goodness, Aisyah will be look after by my mom's maid . My plan is to do all these cleaning in the morning. So that i can spend time with hubby once he is back from his marathon. So many things to be squeezed into Sunday.

I meant many things as I'm hoping to do a little bit of vege shopping for my Aisyah. Want to make for her spinach puree . Why spinach? Because children from age 6 months to 4 years need 15mg of iron daily. Spinach is one of iron rich food.

I can't believe that tomorrow is Sunday Feb 21st. And i have housechores to do. And that my baby girl is one lasak girl who toss and turn in a 360 degree motion when sleeping. There are times when her cute little feet got stuck at the bed rail. Or the time when she accidently hit her head to the bed rail too.

And that my Arissa is just too excited about my birthday that she didn't realize that she have leaked the secret plan which was plan by her baba and her. I find it so cute with her excitedness of keeping a secret that only she and her baba knows. She didn't tell me the whole plan .She only dropped a few words hinted of the secret plan that was carried out .

So tomorrow is Sunday Feb 21st. And i'm turning 35 . And that my SIL who lost her hubby 4 years back has lost her father on Thursday Feb 18th. I think year 2010 will be an uneasy year to be forgotten by me..

Monday, 8 February 2010

Aisyah's solid food

Yeah.Today is Aisyah's 2nd day on solid food. And I got a call from my MIL that the 2nd day went well. Alhamdulillah.How much she ate is not a thing i'm so concerned and worried at the moment. When one have done his/her reading on solid food, one won't be so surprised with whatever possible outcome she will get .

Wished I can write more but need to finished work 1st as my dateline is today.

By the way, who would like to have a home cooked carrot puree tomorrow?

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Annabel Karmel

I finally got to buy my annabel karmel's book last Monday. Purchased it at Kinokuniya in KLCC. And that is after going it first at MPH with a mission to buy. I went to MPH 1st thinking that I can purchase the book by using my vouchers. But since it can't be found there, I went again to Kinokuniya . Again? Well, that is the 1st place that I went since it's near my office.

Anyhow, I have yet to get down and read it . I only managed to flip a few pages here and there. But I need to start reading it soon as as possible as I don't have much time left before Feb 7th arrive. Why Feb 7th? Because that is the day that Aisyah will turned 6 months old. It's an important date as she will start on her solid food.

And just like with my first born, I intend to do the same thing for my 2nd born which is to prepare home cooked solid food. Took out all the necessary tools for it form the store. Checked all the feeding spoons and bowls and cups and ice cube tray. And judging from the condition of the said items, I need to make new purchases for it. There're scratch marks here and there on the spoons & bowl.

Back to solid food, it reminded me of my last visit to my girls' pediatrician last month. We were the 2nd patient to see the doctor. We noticed that the 1st patient were inside the doctor's room long . Found out from the doctor that he had given them a lengthy lecture on the importance of feeding good food to children. My pediatrician was an ex-lecturer at one of our local university and he was my BIL's & SIL's lecturer. Easy to say that most of us who goes to DSH will know who this pediatrician is .

I can understand my pediatrician frustration with the mindset and attitude of today's parents. I couldn't agree with him more as I see it happening in front of me and among my family members. These day, parents in general use the easiest way to feed their children. By that, I’m referring to too much of processed food, packed and GMO food. Gone are the days where parents really stressed on serving and feeding their children only home cooked food.

And when these children are served with too much of these food, then it’s common for our children to get sick so easily & late in recuperating. When all these happen, the last people that I pity the most are the sick children themselves. And to make the story sad, there are parents’ out there who simply send their sick children to any medical practitioners. I can understand that one’s money is the limit. But what is the point of sending your sick children to the same doctor when your child’s health is not improving?

So yeah, my doctor blame the parents for what we are doing to our children when it comes to food. I guess he knows he can’t do much apart from giving sound advice to those parents as bringing up your children is one’s ultimate decision. At the end of the day, don’t point fingers to other people or blame some things when our children get sick as easily as it should be.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Shopping with kids..

Long before I have known that doing shopping with kids especially when you have a baby and children below 5 years old would totally be a different experience for any parents.

Thus, what had happened to me and hubby last Saturday was something predictable. We had gone out to shop for my hubby's stuffs but came back with most of Arissa's stuffs. How come you would ask me right?

And those Arissa's stuffs were things that we couldn't get and find during previous weekend .. So at the end of our Saturday outing, we have :

1. A happy 4 years old girl who got her swimming cap, swimming board, her princess storybook and her food & sweet treats..

2. A not so happy and tired looking mid-thirty year old man whose main shopping goal was to get a casual watch & sandal .Mind you , he needs all these two vital things before this Friday.But he did come back happy ( a bit! ) as he managed to buy some new working pants.

When shopping with small kids, we all know that it is best to be well prepared and arrived at the shopping mall early ie like two hours after the opening hours. And when u arrived early, shopping would be a breeze as there is less crowd for you to roam about with your stroller.

But even if we did leave early and prepared all the children stuff , shopping would still be a one tiring experience. First and foremost, we need to put the children's need on top of our needs 1st. Thus, we will get " Mama, I want to pee pee". And one this is blurted out from that cute little mouth, a quick sprint is made to the toilet. If failed, both of you and your kid would have to bear the embarrassment from onlooker..

Next will be their meals or best those sudden act of " Mama/baba, can i have ice cream/ lollypop please?" And stop and purchase we have to make . It's better not to have a hungry kid coz they can be weak and slow to walk. Thus a little bit of sugar rush would be great for them..

Which is why all these little humps on the road of shopping for things are easily get halted . Imagine, you just found that things you were looking for only to have it put down and away for your kids' sudden needs.

And when we have babies, aaha! More breaks to be considered.

Thus, do not expect to have the luxury of choosing & comparing things before making that final purchases. Instead just choose and buy.

Which is why i prefer to do my own shopping during weekdays ie during lunch time. Be it for groceries or for my own things. Of course time is limited during the lunch break.But at least i get to choose and compare the things I want to buy. And I know dearest hubby hate to shop alone .