Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Old Care Home

Some two weeks ago on my way to work, i heard on the radio about old parents being left & taken care at old folks home or rumah jagaan org tua...The saddest part was that they were abandon or neglected by their selfish children who does not want to take care of them . One simple reason that even me got to think of was how burdensome to take care of them... A reason that I simply can not accept. Can you?

And yes, I feel angry too to those selfish children who left their old parents at old folks home and did not even bother to come and visit them regularly .

But another part of me got me to think of the main reason that drives these people to do it in the first place. I don’t think all of us can just simply commit to an act just like that overnight. Something might have played a factor in it...

Suddenly all i can think of is upbringing. How each of us is brought up by our parents since the day one of our lives.

Imagine if we are brought up in family full of love and attention. This has to start from the day we are born. And throughout the entire course of our life from baby to toddler to teenager to adulthood, our parents were always there in our live. Always guiding us in a loving way , teaching us to be a good human being that know what is right and wrong.

I guess if all parents are like that, then maybe we would not see this syndrome of leaving parents at old folks home happening.

When there is not much love and strong feelings between parents and children, anything can come in between that relationship. There is this malay pepatah that says water is thicker than blood ( air dicincang takkan putus) which easily describe how family ties is like blood . No matter how many thousand times it you fight or quarrel with your family, in the end, the ties will always be reconnected.

But in order the ties to be strongly attached, love plays an important part in it. And if from the day one of our lives, we don’t feel loved by our parents , then how on earth for the ties to be strongly bonded.

So looking back on the main reason that may have been the factor on why these children left their old parents at old folks home , lack of love could be the answer.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Blog updates

There I was the one whose blogs are not updated with new entry. Rupa-rupanya ramai gak yang lain..

But most of these people are actively on Facebook..But not in blogging. Maybe FB is much more convenient to use thesedays. Plus, we are able to update on everything and share it with everyone in a matter of seconds. Provided that you can do it via phonemobile..  Which is why I just love my mini eventhough the slide have started to give way...I am sooooo into touch screen!! thanks dear for this great birthday gift!!!

I love the picture that I uploaded here.. Why? Cause it is so family holiday kinda shot.There's the small beach pail, the scoops and the tea/coffee set.. Took this when my kids were in la  la land ..

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Golden Palm Tree : 2

The weather was suitable for sailing on that Saturday. So off father and daughter for a sailing adventures. Mom and baby sister stayed put at the hotel kopitiam and took this photo using her fav handphone. I just love my handphone camera!!!

Aiyoh! the weather at Golden Palm tree was just blazing hot and sunny!!!! We arrived and checked-in at the hotel around 3 pm. And by the time we were done unloading our luggages at the room, it was past 4 pm. Which means we missed the bicycle tour  .

So what's next ? Off we went to the ballroom for some happy dance which was done by the hotel staffs.  Review: Poor. They could have done it better regardless the small number of people who turned up in the ballroom.

Next, we proceed to the beach. So hubby & Arissa off to sailing. That was the only activity they got to do. After that none at all due to no wind available for other beach activities..

Like I mentioned in my previous entry  that GPT is not a suitable resort for family with small children. Older kids would be ok la.. Even the kids pool was too small. Nevertheless, my girls had fun swimming in the pool. Even me too got a chance to do some swimming laps while hubby attended the kids.

Our room looked exactly like the photo which was posted in my previous entry. What I love most about the room were the towels and the bathroom mat which was super duper absorbent... Arissa loved the rain shower. The bathroom has a half blurred window glass facing the sea.So one get to look at the sea while having shower!!!  And how nice to see unplastic shampoo & shower gel bottles !

I asked for a baby cot.Thus the big twin beds became more spacious for me, Arissa & hubby. And there's a 4 seater dining table at the balcony which me and hubby utilised for our late night chat... The kids tido mati !Too tired with the sun and sea...

overall, the place is ok for those looking  for a quiet and peacefull holidays. It is suitable also for company meeting...So anyone willing to pay for RM1,000 +++ for a night stay at GPT?

Friday, 15 October 2010

Golden Palm Tree

if it wasn't vetoed by my CEO, we  the staffs would not be spending a night here..

Tomorrow , this is the placed where we will be spending our weekend as my company will be holding staff family day there..

I went there last tuesday to check on the place and to finalise what need to be confirmed for the family day.

One thing for sure this place is definitely a 5 star resort and the target market are those who wants a peacefull & quiet  holidays. Thus, it is not a family-with-small-children oriented resorts. Even the pool size and layout is not meant  for family with small kids. 

And if the dining area is crowded, the hotel management will open another dining area .This to ensure that hotel guests do not need to queue to take food. Imagine just you standing near the food counter to choose and pick your food  in your own sweet time.. hahahhaha...

more stories after the family day k...

Monday, 11 October 2010

Friends' wedding cum renunion

How nice to see all of them here at the wedding!

That was what running in my head at that moment. To see them hugging each others, the non stop chattering and those beaming happy faces were just priceless.

It's good when people especially your friends make an effort to come either to your wedding or to any gatherings and reunions. More meaningful when you have not seen each other ever since from that graduation day. Of course some of them may have been in touch via sms, emails & phones. But to have and seen all of your friends in flesh is truly wonderful.

So we were at my hubby's ex-uni friend’s wedding last Saturday. The wedding was done at one of the hotels in Jalan Ampang. It never crossed my mind that it would be a small posh wedding with only selected people being invited. I thought it was going to be some big fat Chinese wedding reception.

Since it was not an eight course wedding dinner, that night food was simply delicious ... Imagine having a palate of dessert like tiramisu, green tea ice cream, choc cake and another sweet dessert( that i dont know what to call it )..

Speaking about the selected guests, those seated at our table were the groom's university friends. I have to admit that I don't feel much at ease when being surrounded by an elite group of people. Those sharing our table (except us & another couple) are born with a silver spoon. All except two people were funded by their family to study at LSE.

To hear them speaking with an accent, hem..... However, I was surprised when some of them suddenly looked so kg ( kampung) when they talked in malay...hahahahh... I had a shock, mind you..Ye la, these people had it easy even after graduations.

But I have to say some of my hubby’s friends are beautiful inside too. Like the humble groom himself. And another friend who he has known since baby lagi… and another friend who is doing well too after graduation. To look at that last person and at my own hubby too, I’m just proud with what these 2 guys have achieved so far with life .Ye la bila nak compare dgn kawan2 mereka yg rich kids too…heheheheh

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Big Blue Yellow Building

Hopefully most of us have received the much waited 2011 Ikea catalog. My copy did not arrived at my doorstep from the Ikea delivery van. I got mine from my collegue who took it from vacant houses in his neighbourhood.

Some one in my house has been looking for this kind of 6 drawers. So when me & hubby went to Ikea a few weeks ago, we are just so happy with what we see. Insya Allah , hopefully we can come again and buy this thing for that person.

By the way, I have been using the Frajen bath towel which I bought early this year. How important it is get a good absorbent towel , right? well, the frajen towel is really absorbent and at an affordable price too!! 

Saturday, 2 October 2010


Aiyoh!!!!! Why la this allergy thing is happening to me???? Is it because I am old ? I am a 35 year old woman. Not ashamed to admit it. And I have not been having all those early menopause symptoms either. Thus what is wrong with my body hormones?

It all started when I used one of my old lipsticks. So ok. That I can accept as the main factor of this allergy I have on my upper lips. But suddenly this allergy is becoming like a common thing when I started using my newly bought lipsticks. Mind you, it’s one of those expensive brands and not from guardians and Watson.

I did check on its expiry date. So all still have one more year of shelf life. So what is main culprit of this allergy I am having on my upper lip?????

I need to buy some more lipsticks!!! I will not spend my precious time thinking too much this allergy thing. Another stress therapy for me !!!

Friday, 1 October 2010

Your love, your love is my drug

Suddenly the thought of buying myself an Arzu shawl is so stress therapy for me!!!!

And seeing how I can fit into my working pants which is a bit loose is so stress reliever too for me !!!!

I had a not so happy morning today. I like my morning not to be welcomed with complaints, nags and all unpositive vibes. It’s enough if my child is waking up crying as I can tolerate with it…But not from adults that obviously can actually prevent this from happening…

Wanna now what was my only comfort in the morning when all is haywire? The smiling face & laughter of my youngest daughter!

Another method is to just listen to all the unpositive vibes and just listen..Sometimes these people just want someone to listen to in the early morning!!! And how I am the CHOSEN ONE!!!!! ;(

Back to the my 1st stress medicine, I love Arzu shawls!!!! They have such lovely and nice but expensive shawls!!!! Thesedays, in order to prevent myself from stepping into Arzu shop & buy another shawls,I need to walk in a fast manner whenever passing over Arzu shop