Saturday, 10 April 2010

2 eagles for a tiger woods..

No one likes sex scandals . What's more infidelity. Doesn't matter whether it's physical or emotional infidelity. So what should be one's reaction when Tiger Woods make a comeback at the Golf US Master? I guess we either love or hate him.

Thus seeing him making  an excellent performance at US Master is awesome and great for the game of golf. I do think he is a great & talented golfer. But his infidelity was such a disgrace to himself  and to the game of golf. I do believe that he is not the only one caught in this shameful act but those people who are in it should be thankful to the God that their morally wrong act isn't out in the public. Not like Tiger. Too bad for Tiger that his act leaked to public knowledge while others none.

So yeah, I welcome his comeback to the game of golf. But i dislike him for what he has done to his wife & children. My only pray is that he will change into a better person. Sometimes, people like him should reattached himself to God and his faith. Only by doing this, the road of healing and cleansing will be an easier one. Just my thoughts.