Sunday, 21 February 2010

Sunday Feb 21st 2010

Tomorrow is Sunday. And what I have in  my mind at the moment is the list of housechores that I have to do . Mind you that my otherhalf aka my dearest handsome hubby will be out early morning for his run. Yeah, he was once a basketball player but never a rugby player like what so many people have thought of him. And now he is a runner . A marathon runner. Thus, he has one tmrw morning.

As for me, I need to clean up my dusty family hall upstairs, my  eldest daughter's dirty room and not forgetting my room too. Thank goodness, Aisyah will be look after by my mom's maid . My plan is to do all these cleaning in the morning. So that i can spend time with hubby once he is back from his marathon. So many things to be squeezed into Sunday.

I meant many things as I'm hoping to do a little bit of vege shopping for my Aisyah. Want to make for her spinach puree . Why spinach? Because children from age 6 months to 4 years need 15mg of iron daily. Spinach is one of iron rich food.

I can't believe that tomorrow is Sunday Feb 21st. And i have housechores to do. And that my baby girl is one lasak girl who toss and turn in a 360 degree motion when sleeping. There are times when her cute little feet got stuck at the bed rail. Or the time when she accidently hit her head to the bed rail too.

And that my Arissa is just too excited about my birthday that she didn't realize that she have leaked the secret plan which was plan by her baba and her. I find it so cute with her excitedness of keeping a secret that only she and her baba knows. She didn't tell me the whole plan .She only dropped a few words hinted of the secret plan that was carried out .

So tomorrow is Sunday Feb 21st. And i'm turning 35 . And that my SIL who lost her hubby 4 years back has lost her father on Thursday Feb 18th. I think year 2010 will be an uneasy year to be forgotten by me..

Monday, 8 February 2010

Aisyah's solid food

Yeah.Today is Aisyah's 2nd day on solid food. And I got a call from my MIL that the 2nd day went well. Alhamdulillah.How much she ate is not a thing i'm so concerned and worried at the moment. When one have done his/her reading on solid food, one won't be so surprised with whatever possible outcome she will get .

Wished I can write more but need to finished work 1st as my dateline is today.

By the way, who would like to have a home cooked carrot puree tomorrow?