Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Teh tarik

Hubby said that I have been feeling homesick as I keep on ordering teh tarik either hot or cold lately. And how I crave for Malaysian style cooked dishes even on hari raya Haji.

To be honest, I won't deny it. And thank you my dearest superb half for driving me to Ah Mei in Living World Alam Sutera. However we ended eating at Kopi O as Ah Mei was closed for renovation.

This year raya Haji was a low key one. In fact almost all raya Haji that we celebrated in Jakarta had been a low key celebration. All this because it was a school day the next day. How uncool is that..

No doubt I cooked the the rendang ayam N9 . And this year we had lemang. Luckily I managed to order it from another fellow Malaysian. So apart from those two food , I bake a gugelhupf chocolate cake which is a recipe from Chef Wan. First time baking it and it was yummy. So that's it..that was the menu for raya.

Back to my homesick, I miss being in Malaysia. Blame it also for the fact that I spent my whole summer holidays in Malaysia this year.

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Friday, 2 September 2016


I have a pray..

And my pray is that may Allah swt opens up your heart to contact us again.

Us as in we your friends that you have pushed aside .

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Thursday, 10 March 2016

Arts and crafts and play

One day Alya came home with this white cone decorated with different colors and shapes.

I didn't pay much noticed to it..thinking it was just another crafts from her...how they always have it in school .

But my views changed the minute I noticed that she was learning new words of shapes and colors just by doing that simple cone...how I easily forgets that that is how the school teaches them in class.

For the Foundation Stage at BSJ , they school uses EYFS. It involves a lot of arts and crafts and play and also lots of teachers observation too..

Yeah, the teacher do that so that they can help each child in their own special needs and developments. And we got this from the terms reports.

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