Thursday, 30 May 2013

Ex collegues

My excollegues at my old company are peoples who had seen and been with me for a good and bad 13 years of my working life.

They had seen me as a young single lady.

They had seen and witnessed my three pregnancies.

I bet they did see part of my dating life too..

yes they did as i remember them commenting how io and my hubby would be sending sms during office family trip. I was in my dating years with my hubby back then...

These people are my friends that have touched my life and leave their footprints in it.

Evennow after leaving the office for almost two years, we still keep in touch.

I can still remember Rafi who always give me a lift to lrt station on days that I stayed back after office hours. Sometimes he would give me a lift to my car which was parked behind the office building. I remember telling my hubby how he would wait in his car and only drive off once I am safely inside my car. At that time, I didnt have my own shared car park ..

And its hard to forget Nadia who always buy me nasi lemak and kueh for morning breakfast.  And it was her nasi lemak that I ate on the morning that was the day that i gave birth to my 2nd daughter. How we still laugh at it when it crosses our minds.

And there was Azim who  until now is easily remembered by my dad as the couple ( he and his then Gf now wife)  who visited me after i gave birth to my eldest.  He said I like to perli him sometimes..yeah... it hit him at his sarcastic remarks..

hmmm.....tonigh these people crosses my mind as one of them are in mekah performing umrah..

actually, we have been pretty closed during that 13 years. So closed that most of us know what had happened within their own family life. And some on personal life too..

Thank you Allah for giving me the wonderful 13 years of my working life...

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

coz i am a mother n wife

Its 12.25 pm  and my 3 lovelies are past asleep. And i am just done with cooking tomorrow breakfast. A simple mee hoon goreng or mee goreng lekat like what my eldest called it.

I was about to called it a night when this face of my other half came to my mind. Something in the what was painted across his face that made me think that it was best if I cooked the tomorrow breakfast tonight.

This thing about cooking the night before is something normal to me even when I was a working mom back in my old days in KL.

We mothers really put our lovelies' needs first and foremost.

Sometimes it does cross my mind if my children will remember me for the little things and unnoticed things that I do for them.Well its easier and  honestly that we human easy to remember the ugly thinngs that others did to us. Dont we?