Monday, 21 August 2017

Being a mom

So we are back in JAKARTA after long summer holidays. .

And back to my routines.

And came back with more determination to lose some weight.

Talking about losing weight, it's easy when you have the knowledge of what's and why's of good eating habits.

Did my full health screening last month. Talked to a dietitian as it was part of the package.

Must say that I am glad and thankful for the results.

Have to credit this to my hubby. He has been constantly reminding me and sharing with me good eating habits.. also to exercises. .which I still have not start going to the gym..

Seeing the dietitian left a big impact on myself..I can only say it motivates me to watch what I eat ..and portion is important.

And being me who loves eating, this is helpful..I get to enjoy what I eat but with the right portion.

The tips is , be aware of what u eat at meals time. This will help you to decide what food u can eat for snack . Should u be hungry between the main meals. Go for smaller portion. And yes, lotsa water too.

When you watch and aware what carbo or protein or sugary or salty food that you had eaten , then losing weight will be easier.

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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Check list

I have 2 more days left in KL/Seremban.

Thus cracking my mind on what else to be bought , done , and eat actually.

Feeling and going through the same thing each time I am back here for a holiday.

Balik kampung is always good.

Even to my kids. No doubts they like the idea of going vacation at other countries.

But nothing beats balik kampung.

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Wednesday, 29 March 2017


Here nobody can easily identified if you are a Muslim or not. Having a local face that easily passed as non Chinese or non Indian or non Caucasian doesn't mean that that person is a Muslim.

Numerous times I had it wrong. With that I don't dare asking a person if she or he is a Muslim.

Their religion is only known to me after our small talks. Even if I see them with their jilbab mom or sisters, I still can't decide if she or he is a Muslim.

And here the Muslims take their solats seriously. Be prepared to see the women especially dressing in sleeveless , short pants or skirt , no jilbab, nails colored coming to mussola to do their prayers. Old and young they come to do their prayers . Natural things to see at shopping malls .

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Thursday, 2 March 2017


At the age of 42 years old,I found myself drowning again into love themed korean mini dramas ..

It was something I used love to watch ages ago .

Somehow it came back almost 4 weeks ago

Goblin. The storylines and great love songs of it are perfectly match for each scenes.

Goblin. Making it marks in this stage of my life.

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Tuesday, 10 January 2017


Another plus point that I can see from me being a SAHM is that I can call my mom whenever I can at anytime of the day..

Unlike working woman, not much choices of the time when can call our parents. Sometimes at lunch time too not able to do it as we may need to do a quick groceries buy. And postpone that catch up calls at night time or next day again.

Indeed our moves to Jakarta has many silver linings . Not only to the benefits of my children but also to my parents also.


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