Thursday, 29 September 2011


Eventhough  I was only looking at the photos of this international school in Jakarta, good feelings are suddenly felt by me.

Of course the real stuff may be different from what is displayed online. But I must credited the special human touch effort embedded during their school website creation. In Photo gallery, so many school events from kindy level to Secondary level were put up on display. So are the school's PTA  events & meetings. And the I like also the photos of the teachers & school management teams. It easy to tell from a person' smile. And I must say most have a pleasent smile that looks natural not superficial.

I do hope all these are the same when I visit this school .

Monday, 26 September 2011

36th/37th Week & Engaged

Yup..We are in engaged position and THE HOSPITAL BAG  is ready & are in my car now..

Went for my weekly  maternity check-up last Thursday. Got a shock when my gynea delivered the latest result of my baby's position.. Engaged!!

I am in 35th/36th weeks and baby is engaged already.. And from what my gynea said, labour is possible within these next  2 weeks..

On my way home from hospital, so many things crossed my mind all of a sudden. I have so many ( actually a few ) stuffs to settle ...
  1. The hospital bag is not ready..
  2. The 2nd batch of newborn/0-3 months old clothes need to be collected from my sister ASAP.
  3. My work need to be settled for whatever is outstanding. And i neeed to clean up my pc ...
  4. The kids wardrobe chest of drawers need to rearrange to make way for the baby's clothes.
  5. The baby bath tub needs to be cleaned.
  6. My room needs to be cleaned & vacuumed..Thank goodness I have cleaned the windows of my bedroom 2 weeks ago..Yep, I cleaned it myself on the day hubby left for Jakarta..
  7. Food stock for the house need to restocked. For me during my confinement period & kids too
  8. Cat's food & litter sand need to be restocked..

So today, I am happy & relieved that most of the items up there are settled.. Alhamdulillah..

Thursday, 22 September 2011

One of her favourite clothes

This chocolate brown dress with printed ice cream motif is one of Aisyah current favourite clothes!!! She will asked us to put it on her each day. Even for night wear and sleep wear too she would request for this...
Alhamdulillah. She did not make a big  fuss whenever I reasoned it out with her on why it can't be worn again after shower or for going to bed.

Oh yeah! This cute dress was bought by her Tuk Umi  from Bandung ..

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

36th week and counting

At this pregnancy stage, I noticed that I will feel so sleepy once I get myself tired.

It happened yesterday . I was buying food from the pasar tani cum pasar malam at my neighbourhood. Due to standing for so long while waiting for the seller to pack my sate, I felt so tired & sleepy once I reached home.

At 730 pm , I just want to have a quick dinner and go to bed as soon as I can.. I tried not to get angry with the girls when I am tired. It is easy for me to be irritated or angry when tiredness swept by ...

And today, here I am feeling sleepy after being on my toes for my office raya open house. I was busy making sure the food were always being replenished. It wasn't my duty but I feel its the right thing to do ..Some of my collegues are busy entertaining our guest while some joined to make sure that food is always available for our guests..

It's 15 minutes past 4 pm. I am all tired and sleepy now..

When I looked back at my 1st  & 2nd pregnancy, this 3rd pregnancy is surely a new & different experience alltogether.. I am thankfull to Him for this 3rd pregnancy... There's my asthma attack, my high fever & food poisoning during fasting month, the 3 kilos that I lost due to lack of appetite/ high fever/food poisoning,  and latest how sleepy I can get when I am all tired!!

Oh yeah! I notice how my right ear are easily get blocked right after I drank a bit of cold water!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Duit Raya

I just do not understand how some parents & kids who like to open up their duit raya packet  right in front of the giver. Isn't it rude to do that!

More over, they will start making faces especially when the amount is little & not what they expected to receive! Aiyoh!!!

We give duit raya because we want to give it..Thus, the amount is not significant & unimportant. The act of giving is more noble than the amount itself.. Beside it is hari raya...

But these kind of parents  & kids just do not see that moral & reason behind it. Money is more important than the spirit of Hari Raya...

I blame the parents for showing this bad example to their kids .. Because kids copycat whatever words & body language that they seen from their parents...

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

In Five Weeks Time

I have only 5 weeks to go before this little bun in my tummy popped out!!!

And yet I have not got all stuff ready for the big event ! Yikes!

So far I have managed to bring back from my parents' house to KL are new born baby clothes, muslin wrap and barut for baby.. Some of the cothes belong to my sister and some belongs to me.. Had it all washed already...

Not forgotten I managed to buy the baby's laundry detergent too..

As for myself, today I printed out the hospital bag check list..Come to think of it, I always do this for each of my pregnancy as I have forgottened on what is essential & a must to be pack inside the labour/hospital bag... Printed out 3 types of list from the internet!!!! hahahhah

And during lunch time, drove to mothercare in KLCC to buy the cheapest nursing breastpad in town... It's RM0.39 cents for one piece of  nursing pad! And the quality is as good as Bebe, Avents, etc

More stuff that I need to buy for myself & for this baby too actually.. All needs to be bought ASAP  ..I am giving myself up to  24th of Sept to get all stuff ready..

Baby names? We still have not started on it  either!!!! I am due for my check up this Saturday... If the baby is still being shy about his/her gender, guess me & hubby will just have to prepare two names for our baby.. For our 3rd child, I prefer to have  a name that is short & easy to pronounce.. Of course it needs to have good meaning too as each time we said the name, it is equivelent to a prayer .. Which is why we are discourage to shorten our children beautiful name from Khadijah to Katy or from Mohammad to Mad!!!

Monday, 5 September 2011

Play your legitimate roles!

Things likes this would not have happened if husband & wife know their responsibilities & roles that they should do in a marriage.

All these while, I read this happening in the magazines .Magazines that always features this kind of articles are Mingguan Wanita.. Thus I can’t believe it when it happened to people I know..

In Islam, a husband main roles, duties & responsibilities are to provide everything, from A to Z for his family. This including providing a maid if he can afford one la.. And it is encouraged & ok for any wife to share & spend any amount of her own money for the well being of her family.. Meaning, a wife are given free option to share her money to buy food & pay for it for her family needs. But it’s not a right given to husband to demand for this from his wife..

Thus, if there is a mutual understanding between husband & wife on their legitimate roles to play, the marriage will be smooth sailing when it comes to spending money for the sakes of the family well being..

Even in other religion too this concept is widely known..I mean both husband & wife should shouldered the same responsibilities in their marriage..

But when a husband especially forget his roles & responsibilities, that is when a harmony marriage turns to be unharmonious one..

I just could not understand why a husband does not want to pay for the family food and other utilities too… The weirdest part is when the husband expect and even asked the wife to find a new job that can offer a higher salaries.. Shouldn’t it be the husband’s roles to find more money for his family? It is good enough that his wife is working too and willing to pay for food & utilities.. But asking her to get a new job is just too much la…

Want to know why this is happening? Based on stories that these ladies shared to me is that these husbands get too complacent once their supportive & kind hearted wives pay all the food & utilities bills… At the early stage of the marriage, these wives were eager & happy to help out with households finances.. And there are husband too that give monthly allowance to his wife to settle all the bills…

But things started to change for worst when these husbands started taking these things for granted… Suddenly the monthly allowance is stopped and the wife has to fork out everything from her own salary… Does not matter if the wife’s salary is lower or higher than the husband’s salary..It is still the husband’s roles & responsibilities to pay some or all for the house expenses..

More pity when this involved the well being of their small innocent children… Don’t these husbands want to give the best education for their own flesh & blood?

I get headache (slightly) when I think of these marriage illness… Sometimes I looked back to ones’ religion faith… I always believe a good knowledge of religion will help to shape one’s personalities & characters. Faith & religion will help to curb these marriage illnesses from happening…

I looked back at level of faith & religions of these husbands have…Sad to say that is NIL…

Again I hate it when people get too cosy & complacent of ideas & concepts of marriage.. I know in general, people like to use this concept of “just go with the flow” for their marriage. They apply this to husband & wife relationship. They even apply this concept when raising up their kids.. When it comes to kids, that is why we will see these obese kids due to poor eating habits low nutrition, kids with poor behavior who does not know to salam , respect others, kids who does not know how to behave in other people’s houses etc…More pity when these kids are not guided in their educations..