Wednesday, 21 September 2011

36th week and counting

At this pregnancy stage, I noticed that I will feel so sleepy once I get myself tired.

It happened yesterday . I was buying food from the pasar tani cum pasar malam at my neighbourhood. Due to standing for so long while waiting for the seller to pack my sate, I felt so tired & sleepy once I reached home.

At 730 pm , I just want to have a quick dinner and go to bed as soon as I can.. I tried not to get angry with the girls when I am tired. It is easy for me to be irritated or angry when tiredness swept by ...

And today, here I am feeling sleepy after being on my toes for my office raya open house. I was busy making sure the food were always being replenished. It wasn't my duty but I feel its the right thing to do ..Some of my collegues are busy entertaining our guest while some joined to make sure that food is always available for our guests..

It's 15 minutes past 4 pm. I am all tired and sleepy now..

When I looked back at my 1st  & 2nd pregnancy, this 3rd pregnancy is surely a new & different experience alltogether.. I am thankfull to Him for this 3rd pregnancy... There's my asthma attack, my high fever & food poisoning during fasting month, the 3 kilos that I lost due to lack of appetite/ high fever/food poisoning,  and latest how sleepy I can get when I am all tired!!

Oh yeah! I notice how my right ear are easily get blocked right after I drank a bit of cold water!

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