Tuesday, 6 September 2011

In Five Weeks Time

I have only 5 weeks to go before this little bun in my tummy popped out!!!

And yet I have not got all stuff ready for the big event ! Yikes!

So far I have managed to bring back from my parents' house to KL are new born baby clothes, muslin wrap and barut for baby.. Some of the cothes belong to my sister and some belongs to me.. Had it all washed already...

Not forgotten I managed to buy the baby's laundry detergent too..

As for myself, today I printed out the hospital bag check list..Come to think of it, I always do this for each of my pregnancy as I have forgottened on what is essential & a must to be pack inside the labour/hospital bag... Printed out 3 types of list from the internet!!!! hahahhah

And during lunch time, drove to mothercare in KLCC to buy the cheapest nursing breastpad in town... It's RM0.39 cents for one piece of  nursing pad! And the quality is as good as Bebe, Avents, etc

More stuff that I need to buy for myself & for this baby too actually.. All needs to be bought ASAP  ..I am giving myself up to  24th of Sept to get all stuff ready..

Baby names? We still have not started on it  either!!!! I am due for my check up this Saturday... If the baby is still being shy about his/her gender, guess me & hubby will just have to prepare two names for our baby.. For our 3rd child, I prefer to have  a name that is short & easy to pronounce.. Of course it needs to have good meaning too as each time we said the name, it is equivelent to a prayer .. Which is why we are discourage to shorten our children beautiful name from Khadijah to Katy or from Mohammad to Mad!!!

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