Thursday, 24 March 2011

SPM results

Can't blame the IT when  SPM students can check their results via sms thesedays..

If its were available during my time, I dont think I'll be using that service. Maybe this is because I had a wonderful time at school eventhough my click of freinds are not glamorous  or pretty or even those smart elite students.

I guess, only those who doesn't like his/her school or batches of students will opt to use the sms. More concrete reason because you dont want to meet those who treat you bad in school ..Am i right?

Well, we can't blame this student but only feel pity for them for having to experienced those dreadful moments in school.

But then, again, even if you had great time in school and still want to check your results via sms, I still think that these students are missing one of the best moment in lives. Doesn't matter what your results will be , it's great to share the moments with your friends of 5 years. Of course later on you can share the news with your family. But to shout & jump or cried tears of happiness or sadness with your friends is something worth remembering.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Orphans of the Japan Tsunami

Sitting silent in their classroom, the 30 children whose parents have not come to collect them after tsunami swept away their town

Everyone who read this article will only be feeling sad for those children at  Kama Elementary School  in Japan. Even I can't imagine what is going inside those children's minds. And to think of how to break the death news of their parents is so unthinkable and hardest thing to do. I can only think of if what this were to happen to my own flesh & blood.
I do hope these children have relatives that they can turned to. Can't imagine if they have none.
Sometimes, when things like this happened, I really would like to know how these children will grow up to be .But then , no one I think will trace back at these children and do some documentary on how the tsunami have shaped their minds & lives  in the years to come.