Thursday, 26 September 2013

Pity the boy

How I pity the 5 year old boy if he were to know that his ex-nanny who had taken care of him for the last 3 years is now a nanny to his best friend..OMG !!!

If it wasnt for me who spotted that nanny, none of this will be known. I guess we all will have to wait until either the mother or the boy will bump eventually with the x- nanny at school.

And my only assumption that i can make on why the x-nanny quited her job is that salary issue..This is because the new employer of that nanny is an ambassador here in Jakarta. Entirely a different league from the former employer who is still wealthy but just not as rich as the ambassador..

At the end of the day, money rules in this side of the world..Even for a difference of a few hundred rupiah.

Forget about the kindness of the former employer who had been good to you for that last 3 years.  Nor the feelings of the little boy...

The mother is a friend of mine. How shocked she was when I told her that I saw her former nanny at the school. I told her how shocked I was when I saw her waiting for another boy who is the same class as her boy.

We all didnt know that she is now working with the ambassador. Plus she is now wearing hijab. And because of that, none of us notice of her while waiting outside the class room to pick up our kids.  She will be picking up the ambassador's son sometimes during the week. This is because they have a supir to help to do it also...So one day it could be her while the next day could be the driver..

And you want to know what my friend did after she found out about this? Well, my friend asked the xnanny  not to let her son see the xnanny face when in school..

My friend's son is still missing that x-nanny who had stopped working since the last 3 months. I really pity that boy. All because I had seen both the xnanny and the boy together in school for the past one year. Liked me, they will wait at the school from 12 noon until 240 pm. This is because the older sibling finished school late. So during that two hours of gap, I will always bump into them. Either at the cafeteria where the xnanny feed the boy his lunch . Or at the waiting area just before the school bell rings at 240 pm.. They are the sight that I used to see for the last one year..

so how on earth would the little boy not be sad and shocked if he were to find out about this!