Thursday, 19 August 2010

Can't Get Enough of You Babe!

Monday, 16 August 2010

Cendawan Kuko & Kulat sisir

Cendawan Kuko or kulat sisir .  I never thought I will come across this recipe on internet. Not that i was searching for it. Bumped into it accidently  actually. I was searching for ayam goreng berempah recipe  & found it. But this dish just reminds me of my mom who is away now  performing umrah with my dad.

How I miss my mom's cooking especially this special dish. What makes it special is the main ingredient which is the cendawan kuko . This special type of mushroom is something that you can't get it easily from the market. And not all market except pasar tani have it. And the availability is muchly depending on the season or the weather.

And cleaning it up prior cooking is quite detail. For u may find some ulat nanti..heheheh..

Normally my mom will cook it in the gulai lemak cili api style  add with anchovies only. 

Gosh!!!! i miss my mom.And her cooking too..

Friday, 13 August 2010

Mama Cantik

There’s a small red new scar on my face. Between my upper left lip and nose.This I got from that tiny splash of hot sauce while I was trying to taste my cooking. That happened on Monday before fasting begins. So yeah, the red dot is very very obvious to those naked eyes.

However, my small conversation with my eldest daughter last night at the kitchen sink, was so touching and sweet.

Arissa: Mama, when did u get that ( pointing to my red dot scar on my face)? You got it last night kan?

Me: Not last night dear. I got it two nights ago.

Arissa: Oh ya…Ha were cooking kan Mama?

Me: Yep! I got it while cooking.

Arissa: Now Mama dah tak cantik.

Me : Tak cantik? ( Surprised with her statement ) That’s ok. Tak pe if mama tak cantik.I got it because I was cooking for you .So that’s ok with me dear. Most important thing, is that mama cook for all of us.

Arissa: Eh! Tak la.. Mama still cantik. Tau Mama?

Me : Ok.. Thank you Sayang.

So yeah. I was surprised when my daughter made that honest statement about my new scar. Of course no one can denied that a scar on the face can turned a person from pretty to not so pretty face anymore. But what touched my heart was how quickly she changed her statement as not to offend me. She even touched my hand while saying that.

I don’t know about other kids around her age. But my daughter is one alert, smart & sensitive soon-to-be 5 year old girl who can sweeten you anytime !