Friday, 30 July 2010

That Personal touch

I can’t believe it that I actually love attending weddings at hotel.

I love weddings not for the chosen concept of the pelamin and how the whole hall is beautiful and creatively decorated. But I love it better for the well chosen songs that really suit the wedding mood. And I love it when there is a personal touch to the lovely ceremony.
By this, is the reason why I like the wedding that I attended last Saturday night.

It was a wedding done by my hubby’s big boss for his less-than a year graduated son’s wedding. The place is not a hotel and for someone like my hubby’s boss, he can actually throw the wedding at some posh hotel. Who would have thought that he chose Dewan Perdana Felda. Thanks for choosing this place as it means more income for my company group P&L .
The selection of songs done by the groom’s mother was so perfectly suited for the wedding as it captured the wedding mood. Yeah ! that lovey dovey and mushy mood of love-is-in-the-air…

Most of the songs are not the normal standard wedding songs that are always being played at weddings. The songs lyrics was so beautiful that I listened carefully to each words of it.. Even dearest hubby asked me whose song was it.. Only if I knew it dear!

However the most unforgettable part of the ceremony will be that small presentation done by the groom’s father. I think the groom will remember this special presentation for the rest of his life as it was done from the heart complete with that personal touch.

Being a Beatle fan, the groom’s father used songs clips from various Beatles’ songs to tell guests on how both the bride and the groom met and fall in love. The song clips had all of us laughing as most of it was perfectly chosen. Even the bride and the groom were laughing from the start to the end of the presentation. And guess what, we even noticed the groom’s father singing during the presentation.

And it was nice being able to meet and chat again with my hubby’s former big boss and his wife . Even though he is a well known figure in the banking world but his humble background including his wife too got me liking him to the max. Knowing a CEO like him make me wish of how splendid it will be if all CEOs out there are like him in personality and character.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010


When death came knocking on someone else's life, why is it that you will start  to feel fear of losing someone dear and closed you ?

Last week, Zai's mother passed away after completing her subuh prayer. She passed away in  simple and peacefull way . And how touching it is to know that she passed away after meeting her creator . I always think that solat/prayer are actually one's special meetings or  visits  to Allah, which is true if one thought of it that way.

And receiving an email from Zai with her profound advice for  us to cherish and appreciate our mother and to call them as often as we can, is just so true.

I guess all of us  have the thoughts of our parents at the back of our mind now and then. And we always have that thoughts of calling them. But  now and then, that thoughts were never able to materialise as by the time we have free time on our hands to do it, those thoughts are already been forgottened.

And when death come knocking into our life, then only do we regret of not doing it in the first place. And that includes me too...

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

She got me back on track

If it weren't for her , i think i may have put my plan of using CD on hold again . 

Two weeks back I finally made my first ever CDs purchase. I bought 2 Grobaby CDs and 2 Bumgenius CDs. And  2 extra inserts too. However,I have yet to try it on Aisyah as weekends are full of activities. Plus being me who insist on doing it on my own , caused delayed to all this . I know I can just explain everything to my maid on the CDs prewash things. But I just have to be there doing the prewash from the beginning to the end process. Hopefully I can use those CDs by this weekend. And hopefully there wont be any events or u-know-what to prevent me from trying it on Aisyah for the very 1st time.

By the way, I bought the pail to store dirty and soiled CDs. But I have yet to purchase the detergant and other accessories ie the pretty & colorful wetbag and nappy wipes.

And of course, the addiction of buying those pretty printed CDs like IttiBitti and BBMinky have definitely rubbed on me!

Monday, 12 July 2010

Maybe because I’m old…

Every time she is here for attending company’s courses or balik kampong, I will try to make myself available ie have lunch or have a short meet up with her who is my ex-roommate at university cum one of my closest friends too.

So she was here two days ago. We meet up over lunch at KLCC. We ate, talk, drink, ate, drink, talk and laught and sigh too over what life have happened to people around us. People that we know since university days. I have to admit that I made the right decision to see her.

Wanna know why? Because occasion /things like this are actually like a stress reliever and also like that get away vacation for the tired and mundane and routine one’s daily life. It’s like taking a short break from our daily life . And these breaks allow us to step back and look and ponder and think and analyse of what had happened inside and around our life.

There were sad stories and happy stories too. When I hear the sad stories like unsuccessful & unhappily-ever-after marriage & not till-death-do-us-part, it made me think of what actually had happened in those stories. I mean with what went wrong that their life stories has to end in a sad note.

One thing for sure, having a life partner who was your BF/GF during your uni days does not guarantee to eternal happy marriage. When love dies, so is the marriage. And the saddest part is when it is the children who have the heavy price for this broken marriage.

On a different note, another friend should have been there with us during our lunch. But she couldn’t come due to time constraint. I would have love to meet up with this friend of ours. And I was sad that she couldn’t join us. If things like this 5 years back, I would have been so upset and disappointed. But not now anymore. I guess these are petty issues to me right now. Why tied myself to something that is not happy and unproductive and useful.