Tuesday, 21 September 2010

It can be lonely at the top

Almost everyone there,are married and have children of their own except him.But  I pity him  for not being among us who are married regardless either we have children or none.

Wanna know why I pity him ? Well , he drives a mercedes benz CLS-Class & his is around my age. This you can summed up how succesfull he is among the host's friends.

Of course everyone like to have loads of money to spend and to save for retirement age. But for me it is a sad state when we dont have our loved ones ie our spouse and children to spend & share with. And it would be even more sad when u are the only child or when your parents are dead. I don't know if this guy that I am writing about is like this. But what I know is that he is single and available but lonely to me.

Almost everyone there were exchanging news about their children. But for him, he can not do that as it would be not much to be bond with.

So when me & hubby saw him walking to his car after attending the raya open house, both of us agree that how lucky we are to have each other .Luckier too that we are blessed with beautiful children. We may be not as rich as him .But we sure are rich by having each other and our two precious children.

I believe that when one is on a higher state like him who is single & rich, finding a a soulmate will be harder . Of course we need to have good perceptions of others.But there will always be that little tiny seed at the back of our mind that says that person could be up to no good. Us being human !

And I told my hubby that the easier way out for anyone like that guy is to get his parents to find some girl who is a daughter of a closed friends. A girl that you know was brought up in the manner that suited you.

Hemmm, how lonely it can be at the top when you are succesfull and rich but have no one to share and spend with.