Thursday, 31 January 2008

Fake Babies!

I just found this fake babies from DBab's blogs! And the babies look so REAl! I mean just like our own baby! They even have tiny veins at all the right places. Even their skins looks so real. Plus, who ever bought these babies, will get to change the nappies, take them out for a walk. Basically , these fake babies' parents get to do what we ( parents with real normal babies) do with ours.

But what worries me is what will happen to the babies after one year from the last date of purchase? Normall babies will grown. And we parents are always excited and look forward to any of our child latest developments. But what about this babies? Will they be thrown into dustbin?

Do those parents have a heart to dispose them just like that? I mean there you are having taking care of the baby for almost one year. Suddenly that bored feelings creep into you. And suddenly you long to see the progress you see in normal babies. You want more ! And when this happen, what will these fake parents do to their fake babies?

At the moment, I feel so pity to this things. Of course these babies are just DOLL actually. But it's hard to not to feel anything humanly when they look like any normal babies. Blame it on my motherly instinct. But I don't think I can find myself so easily to dispose them just like any other rubbish.

I just don't understand why people would want to buy these cute fake babies. There's always other ways to compensate for that deep longing feelings of having our own flesh and blood. Adoption. Though they may not be your own flesh and blood, but you willl be doing great help in raising and loving some unfortunate children who have no other relatives in this world ( even when they are disown by their natural parents)

Tuesday, 15 January 2008


It warms my heart whenever I heard that a mother decided to breastfeed her child. It feels more when she decided to breastfeed up to 2 years. Breastfeeding is not an easy matter. Thus it's common to hear new mommies facing lotsa struggles to breastfeed their babies succesfully. I think no one can forget the process of achieving a succesfull latched on . A poor latching can leads to painful engorged breasts. Ouch!!

Of course to breastfeed or not is one's choice. But just think of the antibodies we are giving to our growing babies from breastmilk. This antibody is truly something the powdered milk manufaturers still unable to offer in their products. So it's sad to see when some babies are unable to get this from their mommies.

And more sad I feel when I see all the mothers-to-be dont even have a good knowledge about successfull breastfeeding. Most of them are clueless. What a pity state to see. Maybe that is why I often share with whomever that I know the knowledge I have . Blame it on the motherly instinct. I'll be advicing those who are trying to be pregnant to immediately boost up their folic supply in the body. We need to do this 3 months before the conception takes place.

And not all of us know the importance to have full body checkup prior to pregnancy. Remember the rubella injection that we had when we were in high school. Well, some of us have lost that from our body. All these due to our hormones. So enough or not the rubella dosage in the body can only be known from the blood test we take. Not only that, we all so have to protect ouself from Hep B , etc.. I can still remember why gynae advises during my 1st pregnancy.

Oh yes! Nursing mothers & pregnant mothers can not take rubella injection as it can harm the baby & featus. And under Doctors' advice, rubella is only given once u have stop breastfeeding ( 100% stop ) and not pregnant. U can pass the rubella virus to your baby through breastmilk. And no pregnancy for the next 3 months after the injection.

Oh my dear, time is up for me to pack my stuff.. I have an gym appointment with my trainer... Got lotsa lemak to shed off...

Monday, 14 January 2008

Which One ?

Currently my mind is filled with so many unfinished matters for may new house... How I wish things are so easy ... I guess that will come true if money is not a problem and I'm not too chossy on most stuffs.. Hard not to be chossy when money doesn't grow on trees for me ... :)

So I need help from anyone outthere who is reading my entry.... Curtains! I've gone to Macy & SSF. But just my hubby didn't like some of them which I like la... Thus, is there any other curtains shops than those two shops?

Another pending issue is the kitchen & wardrobe cabinets .... I've been to SCI , Rowenta, Signature Kitchen ..All these are featured in Impiana Dapur & all the other house deco mags... However we wont be choosing Rowenta as the sales person is not that friendly & theirs is more to country looks.. Signature Kitchen offers an expensive quotation for the same layout design that we can get it cheaper from other shops... I saw a few shops around Puchong but dont know much about its level of workmanship.... So readers, where did u do your kitchen cabinets & wardrobe too? Are u satisfied with the workmanship & service? And is your kitchen cab still in good shape ? Of course having solid surface or tiles or granite as working countertops is a better choice than melamine abs.... But i'm more concern of the products quality and workmanship & services ...

Hood & hobs... Me & hubby have decided that we dont have to go for the expensive brands such as Fagor, Pacifica , Teka, etc... We are choosing those less expensive brands but not on the lower brand as we realy dont know much on its performances. Hoods' Suction power ranging between 800-1000 is enough for our dry kitchen as cooking wont be a heavy one. Brands that are given consideration are Telinni, Elba & Fotile... Anyone using these brands ? Or any other brands?

Water Heater... Anyone using a tank water heater? Is yes, what brands pls?

I very much welcome any ideas & suggestions & opinions on the above matters .... So leave some comments for me k !!!!! Thanks...