Tuesday, 15 January 2008


It warms my heart whenever I heard that a mother decided to breastfeed her child. It feels more when she decided to breastfeed up to 2 years. Breastfeeding is not an easy matter. Thus it's common to hear new mommies facing lotsa struggles to breastfeed their babies succesfully. I think no one can forget the process of achieving a succesfull latched on . A poor latching can leads to painful engorged breasts. Ouch!!

Of course to breastfeed or not is one's choice. But just think of the antibodies we are giving to our growing babies from breastmilk. This antibody is truly something the powdered milk manufaturers still unable to offer in their products. So it's sad to see when some babies are unable to get this from their mommies.

And more sad I feel when I see all the mothers-to-be dont even have a good knowledge about successfull breastfeeding. Most of them are clueless. What a pity state to see. Maybe that is why I often share with whomever that I know the knowledge I have . Blame it on the motherly instinct. I'll be advicing those who are trying to be pregnant to immediately boost up their folic supply in the body. We need to do this 3 months before the conception takes place.

And not all of us know the importance to have full body checkup prior to pregnancy. Remember the rubella injection that we had when we were in high school. Well, some of us have lost that from our body. All these due to our hormones. So enough or not the rubella dosage in the body can only be known from the blood test we take. Not only that, we all so have to protect ouself from Hep B , etc.. I can still remember why gynae advises during my 1st pregnancy.

Oh yes! Nursing mothers & pregnant mothers can not take rubella injection as it can harm the baby & featus. And under Doctors' advice, rubella is only given once u have stop breastfeeding ( 100% stop ) and not pregnant. U can pass the rubella virus to your baby through breastmilk. And no pregnancy for the next 3 months after the injection.

Oh my dear, time is up for me to pack my stuff.. I have an gym appointment with my trainer... Got lotsa lemak to shed off...


Madame Shopper said...

Hi there. What a lifting entry! I breastfed my kid for 2 yrs! It was a painful start and a difficult end too. :-p And me got lotsa lemak to shed one toooo..heheh.

toughcookie said...

thank you so much for the information you sent in those emails. it helps a lot.

emly2175 said...

MadameShopper: thanks for dropping by... Surely it hard to forget the nursing time kan as that is one special moments u can't compare with bottle feeding time..

Juan: Glad to help u dear.. But do share it with your hubby too..It will makes the nursing session easy nanti..

Aidan & Adnans' Mommy said...

Thanx Emly for your tips on bf.. I agree its not an easy task. There are few gave up after few times of trying... I had that weak moments too but alhamdullilah i still bf my baby Adnan.