Saturday, 31 October 2015


How old memories sting me like a bee tonight. More because of the presence of the people from the old memory itself.

How we used to have BBQ when my late brother in law was still alive.

I don't know how it started but what I do know is that he always do bbq even before I was married to my husband.

We always have bbq whenever he feels like too.. he did it whenever Baba Nong, Hala Pachik came all over from Singapore to visit us ..And Khuya Fazul and Kak Iz and the kids will drop over also ..

I remember the big open porch of his house where we did the bbq . How nice to have your bbq witness by the clear night skies and the twinkling stars. . Sometimes the night air was cooling..sometimes no wind at all..

But the things that never missed was the laughter and happy mood ... especially when it was Baba Nong and the company..

I don't know why all of a sudden dearest hubby said about wanting to do bbq tonight.

He only said that the girls will like the idea. . And we only went out to get the new bbq set together with the charcoal and my new yellow and red stool from Ace Hardware store at 430 pm.

My MIL is here do her old maid Wiwi that came to visit Umi and us tonight. Here in my Jakarta house.

I do know for sure these two people remember those old days of bbq ... and tonight seeing Wiwi again and having her with us doing bbq , the memories is just so strong... Wiwi was there in the old memories right from the beginning. . And she was also there when my late BIL passed away..

I do love bbq ..the chicken wings ,the lamb and meat was deliciously cooked with loads of loves from my hubby..

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Thursday, 29 October 2015

When maid goes pulkam

My maid is at her kampung now. That is since Tuesday nite I have turned myself into Cinderellaa. ..

And looking at how I sweat each day by just doing all the house chores including cooking , I think I may stand a chance to reduce my weight.

Last night the sweat after mopping the whole ground floor of my house ie from kitchen to living room's like doing a sauna ..

And today more sweat after doing the laundry..

But then again , it will be meaningless if I didn't control what I eat...

And now I am on my way to pick up my Alya from school.. Today there are 3 school pick ups .. Yeah three different timing due to Arissa having an after school activities which ends at 340 pm. While Aisyah will finish school at 140 pm.. Phew !!!

More walking for me today ..

Luckily today there is no mengaji. ..

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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Lucky me

One of my blessings in life is sending my beautiful 3 girls to school. This are among a few things that my hubby wished he could do or trade place with me.

This photo was shot during one of those mornings. I was walking behind them when the sight of them just snapped me off and what a fantastic shot this will be .

So I stop walking and gave a a bit distance to capture this special moments that I get to be in every single day .

Even know when I look back at this photo, the warm fuzzy feelings just surround me.

Oh yes ! How they all have grown up during this last 4 years of our living in Jakarta.

The most overwhelming thing about this photo is seeing Alya going to school with her two big loving sisters.

Before this, she was the one who send the two big sisters to school. And fetching them home from school with me.

But since August 2015 this year, it is she being accompanied and send to school especially by Arissa. Her Kak Arissa just love walking her up to her class and see her putting up her lunch bag , communication bag and water bottle in place .

While I will be walking up with Aisyah to her class. Once Aisyah is done unpacking her stuffs in her class, do we go and see Alya again. Kisses and hugs for Alya before we say goodbye to her.

Next it will be kisses and hugs to Aisyah who next will be running to join her friends .

And that left me and Arissa for that much precious walk of only me and her. How she loves our special morning walk to her class waiting area .

All this make my friends saying how they seldom see me at school anymore in the morning...

Well my morning routine has change because of my 3 lovely girls..

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Saturday, 24 October 2015

Puncak Cisuaria retreat

Last week, we were in Puncak Cisuaria Bogor.School was off for a week for mid term 1 break. And as this time , we didnt go home to Malaysia, we decided to go somewhere near for a holidays. So off we drove to Puncak on Wednesday which so happned to be tanggal merah ie public holidays . We stayed for a night there . The weather was chilling as you have mountains around you. But what i and also my hubby will remember most is when we got to witness the one way traffic direction down the mountains heading to Jakarta from and hubby was driving out from hotel to get dinners for ourkids and my mil too. And how we did waze up before leaving the hotel. So traffic was a bit slow and we thought that it was just normal. Little that we know that we were soon caught up and stuck in the abovementioned situation. we had to park our car by the road side. What we saw next to us were hundreds of cars mostly bearing Jakarta B plate numbers heading downwards the hills. The 2 way traffic had becomed a 1 way traffic. And all cars are moving down the hills. We had to wait by the road side as the KFC outlet that we wanted to go is in the opposite direction. i think we were stucked for almost 30 minutes. The whole scene could have started much earlier before we were there. So how do we know that the one way traffic was about to stop? Well, we only realized it after we saw one police patrol car with loud sirens and a few police motorcycles passing next to us. Shortly after that I saw many cars behind us making that quick u-turn to go up the roads. Had i not look back at that time, we would have be stuck again in another traffic. The roads was chaotic with cars and vehicles making drastic u-turn and people busy crossing roads. With that, we have become like other fellow indonesian..macet and stuck in traffic during holidays..

Friday, 23 October 2015

Friday nite must-do-list

For the sake of my kids' education , I try to remind myself to read my kids' school weekly newsletter. This I do before I go to sleep on every Friday night.

The school will published weekly newsletter and send email notification about it every Friday evening.

Parents are being updated and informed about what the children are learning during the week and also for the next week. Each Year group will have its own newsletter. Thus its a good way for us parents to keep abreast on what is happening at school. Actually this goes inhand with the school aims of wanting parents to be more involved with their child education and progress.

At least by reading the newletter, I know how I can help my girls at home with what they have learnt and what they are going to learn.

In fact , at the beginning of each term and after mid term break, the school too will give us a printout of the whole term themes of topics that will be taught. The school really wants each child to have a good exposure, extra information and early ideas of what that term theme will be.

Sometimes, I refer back to last year academic newsletters for more insight on what to expect.

I really like this newletter ideas ..its totally different from my time. But i cant compare to school back in Malaysia. My kids have never experience it for we moved here when Arissa was starting her primary year.

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