Saturday, 31 October 2015


How old memories sting me like a bee tonight. More because of the presence of the people from the old memory itself.

How we used to have BBQ when my late brother in law was still alive.

I don't know how it started but what I do know is that he always do bbq even before I was married to my husband.

We always have bbq whenever he feels like too.. he did it whenever Baba Nong, Hala Pachik came all over from Singapore to visit us ..And Khuya Fazul and Kak Iz and the kids will drop over also ..

I remember the big open porch of his house where we did the bbq . How nice to have your bbq witness by the clear night skies and the twinkling stars. . Sometimes the night air was cooling..sometimes no wind at all..

But the things that never missed was the laughter and happy mood ... especially when it was Baba Nong and the company..

I don't know why all of a sudden dearest hubby said about wanting to do bbq tonight.

He only said that the girls will like the idea. . And we only went out to get the new bbq set together with the charcoal and my new yellow and red stool from Ace Hardware store at 430 pm.

My MIL is here do her old maid Wiwi that came to visit Umi and us tonight. Here in my Jakarta house.

I do know for sure these two people remember those old days of bbq ... and tonight seeing Wiwi again and having her with us doing bbq , the memories is just so strong... Wiwi was there in the old memories right from the beginning. . And she was also there when my late BIL passed away..

I do love bbq ..the chicken wings ,the lamb and meat was deliciously cooked with loads of loves from my hubby..

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