Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Among the things i am gonna miss: If it's truly happen la

I was browsing the latest Isetan Sales e-brochure ( sales are up to 70%-80% discounts) when sadness overcome me...uhuksuhuks!

Gosh! If "that thing" really happen, then I am gonna miss my Isetan sales big time!!!

Monday, 27 June 2011

Doctor's Advice

Doctor's advice : Exercise More & drink lotsa water

Oh how i need to exercise more for this 3rd pregnancy! I dont deny it that I am not super fit for this pregnancy. I dont go to the gym anymore . Eversince Aiysah's birth 22 months ago, I have been coming home straight from work. Main reason was because I was breastfeeding her & bath her morning & night. 2nd reason is because of Arissa .Since i leave for office early in the morning, I try to make a point to come home as early as I can. And then take them to the park. So my only form of exercise is by walking my girls to the park and walking around the neighbourhood.  

And exercise is so important to 3rd time pregnant mothers like me! Why? Because it will reduce the pubic bone pain and swelling of blood viens or varicose veins.. You wont be getting all these during your first or second pregnancy.

And  only now did i understand the purpose of using maternity back support belt. My gynae suggested that i start using one. And Oppo maternity back support belt it is. I tried one at the hospital. And yes, it is comfortable but i did buy it . But I am considering of getting one and have started googling it in the internet.. Found a cheap on too from our local online shop.

And water! Just so happened that i drank less water the day before my monthly check-up...hehehh..

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Online tudung purchases.

Eversince I wear tudung/headscarves, I have been buying almost 99% of my tudung collection online.

For a working mother like me, it’s the most convenient way as I don’t have time to shop for it during weekends. My weekends are always full of family activities. Plus, it is not a good idea to shop with toddler and kids. How on earth are we going to make the best purchase out of our hard earned money?

So I never shop for myself during family shopping trip. I normaly save that for weekday shopping which I did during lunch time.

Back to this online tudung shopping, I hate it when the colors of the tudungs were not as what I had seen online. This happened when those pictures were taken with some lighting effect. How I wish those photographer can make the photos as real as it can be like what the tudung really look like. At least it will make the purchasing a happy experiences. Nobody likes to receive ordered items wrongly colored…

Thank goodness this only happened like 1% only. And I can still accept the tudung as I still like the design.

When shopping online, it’s important to choose a good & reliable online shop. This to ensure that every cents you have paid worth every single of it. Plus not all material are the same even though when all online shop are selling the same fabric.

For example all tudung online shops claimed that their inner neck( covered/uncovered) are made from top quality lycra cotton. But the truth is, even the lycra cotton has it classes. And what irks me most is that these sellers are selling it at the same range of price ( difference by RM2-Rm5 ). Shouldn’t this different type of inner neck lycra cotton are sold at a different prices?

Recently I made a purchase of covered inner neck from a new online shop (not my regular online shop). I did reconfirm with the seller on the quality of lycra cotton that is being used to make the inner neck. Satified with their answer & placed my order.

I was happy to received my parcel. But was disappointed when I saw the color. And more sad when I touch the quality of lycra cotton used to make the inner neck. Price wise, it was the same as those inner neck that I bought from my regular online shops. So I was disappointed with the quality that that online shop owner had said …

Well, no more buying from them la…

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

His Morning sickness

Two months back hubby was complaining about his late night hunger that was making him feel fat ..I told him that it could be because i am pregnant.

And since last month, he started to feel nausea and somtimes wanting to vomit...And I told him  the same reason that I told him two months back..

If you asked me if all these are true, well, honestly I really dont know for sure..Could he really be having my morning sickness eventhough i was into my 2nd trisemester?

But i did share with him  the story that happened to a guy who was working next door to my office. That guy was feeling nausea & vomiting  when his wife was pregnant... And when i asked other ladies in my office building on this syndrome, they said that it had happened before to some guys whose wives were pregnant...

So, this syndrome can be true I think...Anyway, I feel pity for my hubby ...hehehheh

Monday, 13 June 2011

My soon to be 6 years old girl

Is it only with my girl or all other girls her age are like that?

I left my 22 months old finger toothbrush at my parents' house . This happened when we went balik kampung yesterday. So I had to shop for a new finger toothbrush at lunch time today.

While looking for it at Isetan, my eldest girl called me. Asked me what was i doing. Thus I told her i was shopping for Aisyah's toothbrush as I have left the existing one at her wan's house.

Next she asked me what if it happens again .Meaning what if the same thing happens again with the new toothbrush. I said that it wont happened again. But again she said " But Mama, what if you forgot again ".

Now she got me all cornered up! Not able to think what is the best answer plus that i was in a hurry, I simply said " Then, I will have to buy another one "

It wasn't the best answer to a kid. As she will start to think that for everything that is left behind can be easily replaced... I hate being in that position.Wished hubby was there to help me...