Monday, 27 June 2011

Doctor's Advice

Doctor's advice : Exercise More & drink lotsa water

Oh how i need to exercise more for this 3rd pregnancy! I dont deny it that I am not super fit for this pregnancy. I dont go to the gym anymore . Eversince Aiysah's birth 22 months ago, I have been coming home straight from work. Main reason was because I was breastfeeding her & bath her morning & night. 2nd reason is because of Arissa .Since i leave for office early in the morning, I try to make a point to come home as early as I can. And then take them to the park. So my only form of exercise is by walking my girls to the park and walking around the neighbourhood.  

And exercise is so important to 3rd time pregnant mothers like me! Why? Because it will reduce the pubic bone pain and swelling of blood viens or varicose veins.. You wont be getting all these during your first or second pregnancy.

And  only now did i understand the purpose of using maternity back support belt. My gynae suggested that i start using one. And Oppo maternity back support belt it is. I tried one at the hospital. And yes, it is comfortable but i did buy it . But I am considering of getting one and have started googling it in the internet.. Found a cheap on too from our local online shop.

And water! Just so happened that i drank less water the day before my monthly check-up...hehehh..


Konot said...

really? 3rd pregnancy is that challenging and different from previous ones? errkk... well not that i am pregnant.. tapi u blog lah byk2 tips k... mana tau in near future i pregnant my 3rd one pulak ke.. :)

emly2175 said...

Konot :Insya Allah on entry like that ok..

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