Monday, 13 June 2011

My soon to be 6 years old girl

Is it only with my girl or all other girls her age are like that?

I left my 22 months old finger toothbrush at my parents' house . This happened when we went balik kampung yesterday. So I had to shop for a new finger toothbrush at lunch time today.

While looking for it at Isetan, my eldest girl called me. Asked me what was i doing. Thus I told her i was shopping for Aisyah's toothbrush as I have left the existing one at her wan's house.

Next she asked me what if it happens again .Meaning what if the same thing happens again with the new toothbrush. I said that it wont happened again. But again she said " But Mama, what if you forgot again ".

Now she got me all cornered up! Not able to think what is the best answer plus that i was in a hurry, I simply said " Then, I will have to buy another one "

It wasn't the best answer to a kid. As she will start to think that for everything that is left behind can be easily replaced... I hate being in that position.Wished hubby was there to help me...

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Ed said...

Where was your husband back then? That situation is really awkward, especially if you're really not good at answering a kid's question. But she's your daughter, and she will always try to understand you, of course. :)

Ed Hochhalter