Thursday, 23 June 2011

Online tudung purchases.

Eversince I wear tudung/headscarves, I have been buying almost 99% of my tudung collection online.

For a working mother like me, it’s the most convenient way as I don’t have time to shop for it during weekends. My weekends are always full of family activities. Plus, it is not a good idea to shop with toddler and kids. How on earth are we going to make the best purchase out of our hard earned money?

So I never shop for myself during family shopping trip. I normaly save that for weekday shopping which I did during lunch time.

Back to this online tudung shopping, I hate it when the colors of the tudungs were not as what I had seen online. This happened when those pictures were taken with some lighting effect. How I wish those photographer can make the photos as real as it can be like what the tudung really look like. At least it will make the purchasing a happy experiences. Nobody likes to receive ordered items wrongly colored…

Thank goodness this only happened like 1% only. And I can still accept the tudung as I still like the design.

When shopping online, it’s important to choose a good & reliable online shop. This to ensure that every cents you have paid worth every single of it. Plus not all material are the same even though when all online shop are selling the same fabric.

For example all tudung online shops claimed that their inner neck( covered/uncovered) are made from top quality lycra cotton. But the truth is, even the lycra cotton has it classes. And what irks me most is that these sellers are selling it at the same range of price ( difference by RM2-Rm5 ). Shouldn’t this different type of inner neck lycra cotton are sold at a different prices?

Recently I made a purchase of covered inner neck from a new online shop (not my regular online shop). I did reconfirm with the seller on the quality of lycra cotton that is being used to make the inner neck. Satified with their answer & placed my order.

I was happy to received my parcel. But was disappointed when I saw the color. And more sad when I touch the quality of lycra cotton used to make the inner neck. Price wise, it was the same as those inner neck that I bought from my regular online shops. So I was disappointed with the quality that that online shop owner had said …

Well, no more buying from them la…


Konot said...


can u share which online shops yg u selalu beli? i'm looking for a good reliable tudung shops jugak la.. thks ye..

can email me?

thks ye..

emly2175 said...

can dear... will email it to you asap k..