Friday, 14 May 2010


Who would have thought that a shop bearing the Nokia store name may not be what it seems to be perceived by our naked eyes.Like a wolf in sheep clothing where u ended paying through your nose.

Last Sunday, me and hubby when to LW Plaza to buy my birthday present. We did our research since end of Febuary. And the Nokia hp's saturday advertisement gave us a sign that it was time to get it.

So off we went with Arissa joining us at the very last minute notice. Gone were our dating plan for that Sunday..

The 1st shop that we went marketed themselves as Nokia authorised store. They even have it framed ( the authorisation paper) and displayed over the counter. But me and hubby wasn't  happy with their offers as it wasn't the same like the one we got at Sunway pyramid. Something wasn't right and missing.

Thus, we proceed to another Nokia store shop.  What we found afterwards were very shocking . 

We learned :
  1. that it was worth every penny we have to do a thorough research prior to buying my hp.
  2. That any Nokia Centre Store's registered chop shouldn't start with other company's name . For example  ABC Nokia Centre Store ..
  3. Double check with the salesperson on what do they mean by standard package ( when buying a hp). What items are inside the standard HP package .Never assume that all shops give the same standard package . Some shops have taken out one item that was supposed to be a standard package item and marketed them as a different or FOC gifts when buying the HP. Marketing gimmick which is not even wrong actually.
  4. Ask a lot of  shops on the hp u are eyeing and wanting to buy. These salesmen were only trying their best to clinch a deal . Thus nothing is wrong if they offered a customers a higher price than any other shop.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

5th mothers' day

  1. 1. I' m still Mr FI one and only wife. ALhamdulillah   
  2. Currently blessed with 2 girls with lovely big eyes ( their black eyes are big actually)
  3. Finnally got my new HP which was actually my birthday present from dearest hubby. This is after doing so many research. We got it at a very good price eventhough some sales person tried to con us..Alhamdulillah.
  4. I'm a hijab dress looking lady thesedays.
p/s: this entry is done via pc after much attempt from posting it via my new hp...i really NEED to master my skills in using my new gadget