Sunday, 15 November 2015

Payback by Him

Sometime I can only shake my head in disbelief upon hearing how friends or people treat their parents or parents in law

Don't they fear of the payback from Allah.

Maybe now in these present time, they may think that their act is ok. No harm done. No heart is broken .. but deep down inside , are they sure that no heart is broken or pain by their acts..?

And the most unthinkable is how sure are you that your kids won't be doing the same things to you?

How sure will you be that your sweet well manared children won't mistreated you in your olden days.?

Never forget that our children are just human beings. The influence of their spouse may changed them from your sweet well manared children to unthoughtful and ill manared children.

Allah is fair. And most of the time we forgot why certain bad things happen to us.. And we always forgot to look back at our own past action towards other people even our own parents and in law.

And for muslim , we must never forget not to cause even the slightest pain in our mother's heart. It's written in Quran on the consequences of that act.

Until then, I can only hope and pray let it not be any pain felt by those mom's and dads too..

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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Spouse by love or religion

How lucky we are if we were advised and told by either our parents or by someone we trust on the important and logic reason why we should find prospective husband or wife based on religion. This I am referring to Muslims.

Of course it is mentioned in the Alquran on how to choose your partner ie what is the criteria one should choosed based upon.

But even if we know, nobody did say the logic behinds it..or our minds just don't want to accept it . And ignore it like most of the times.

So choose your partner because of his/her religion. This means choose a person who has great understanding of the religion and all its teachings.

With that , only after what had happened to someone dearest to me, do I fully understand the logic behind it.. but then, it's too late for my dear friend to change the past. You can just turn the clock back and reset everything when this is about your marriage and kids are involved.

But things would be different had my friend choose her partner first based on religion. From my observations on friends marriage, I noticed that having a spouse that has great and depth understanding of religion does help a lot with the marriage.

And this is different for those who aren't.

So many people fall in love with the outer beauty..some do get lucky to fall in love with a person who has both beauty and depth religion beliefs.

But when marriage get sour when your spouse suddenly changed from good to evil, not much you can do actually. You either try to save your marriage or divorce. And for a Muslim, divorce is one thing that Allah hates.

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