Wednesday, 30 July 2008

An entry for Syafiah Arissa

This entry is specially for u sayang..

So what’s up in the world of Syafiah Arissa thesedays?

One: Your favourite aunty is definitely your Mak Lang Sonia. No doubt she is our new family member but u have taken a great fondness of her in a very short period, dear. She will be the one to feed u food whenever we are back balik kampong in Seremban. You will insist that only her to feed u on any meal. If she is not around, then u will want Kak Siti to feed u. And what happen to your bibik Wati? Suddenly she is not your best buddy whenever we are in Seremban.

Two: Last night I scolded you for playing with the lip gloss that I bought especially for u. I’ve told you to keep it back inside my handbag. But u didn’t as u were so excited to show it to your bibik. So what happen next? U scolded me for scolding you! U had your jari telunjuk kanan pointing at me with your left hand resting at your waist! How am I not to hold my laugh.. I quickly retrieved my laugh in a split second. Sayang! Sayang! How easily for u to imitate us. I know that I used to do that with u.. And I’m trying to lessen it down and also all the other bad habits that I have. ;)

Me : Why are u angry at me?
Arissa : I’m angry because Mama naughty.
Me : Why do u say that mama is naughty?
Arissa : Because u scold me. ( airmata meleleh ni)
Me : Do u know why I scold u, Sayang?
Arissa : ( keeping quiet )
Me : I am angry at you because u were playing with the lipgloss. I don’t want it to be broken. We can’t use the lipgloss dear if it’s broken. U wouldn’t like it if its get broken , wouldn’t u?
Arissa : Yes.

Three: Sharing is caring! Your baba & mama understand that kids around your age doesn’t understand much about the sharing concept. Thus, that is why we are using that tag line with u sayang. Do u know who said it to you ? Its your Kak Shira. Somehow this tag line works with u . When u want something for example a certain food that is not good for u, you will utter this tagline. So smart of u sayang! And we will let u get a small bite .

That all for this entry Sayang. Mama will post more entry next time k..

My pray for you, may u be anak yg soleha, sihat walafiat, baik budi pekerti & bijak . Amin.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

My lucky Hubby

How would u feel when your soulmate told you that he had dinner here? Envy right? That was what i felt when my dearest hubby told me that... Yikes! I've never set my foot there. And he has. Thanks to people that he met there during his Abu Dhabi trip, hubby got to set his foot inside this famous & magnificient hotel.

And security is tight there. It seems that only paid guests can set their feet here. Meaning no jalan2 makan angin & ambil gambar percuma like that lor!

I guess they did this because the hotel has become like a tourist spot . And the guests who stayed there must be annoyed when they don't get the highly expensive privacy that they should get when staying there.

Lucky u dear!

Monday, 28 July 2008

Jada Kyra

When u just have to do something, u really just have to do it straight away.

That was what happened to me last Monday when I got BeskotKeras's sms. She had just given birth to a healthy baby girl the night before. I was doing my work when the sms came through. Surprise surprise, She wasn't supposed to be due last week actually. But then, I guess, Allah knows better than most of us, especially the Doctor.

So I told myself that I have to pay them a visit. And it must be done by that Monday itself. I just can't afford to delay it till weekend as my weekends it so tight up with so many things to do for the new house. Infact I'm still tired today . And now I'm down with a bad sore throat and gonna be down with fever too. No voice for me today either.. ;(

Have I seen beskotkeras before? Yes, from blog & facebook.No , from real life. Jada, your parents are exactly like what i saw from the blog. And they are the same as what I have in my mind. Sorry I didn't kiss u as much as I wanna too. I had so many germs on my hands when I came to see u & your mommy.

It's nice to be able to see someone whom u have been corresponding with via internet. For me, I just had to visit her as I shared a lot of info on pregnancy & breastfeeding with her. In a way that I can't or hard for me to explain, I feel I owe it to myself to visit her when she has safely given birth . And I'm glad I saw her and her one that day.

Talk about gift for new mom & baby, people always tend to give gifts for baby. Of course the newborn baby is the VVIP after that delivery. And I agree with that. But part of me also says that the mother is also the VVIP . And normally , we mommies didn't get much meaningfull & usefull presents. Yeah, it is nice to get flowers. But flowers can't be keep for too long.

So I bought for her some toiletries from M&S , and got the Memory Lane's people to pack it up in a paper bag. Of course I did not forget lil Jada or JK( are u sure r going to call her that ? ) . For her a small teddy bear was packed together in that small paper bag.

For beskotkeras, I just wanna give her something that she can used later. Why this thoughts? well, my hubby's former boss gave me Cr'bT'ee toiletries when I gave birth to Arissa. I know it was his wife's idea. But that gift made me thinking. So many people give presents to Arissa. And I did get my flowers & balloon. But none actually gave me something that I can really use for myself. From that day on , I told myself to give the new mommies meaningful gifts whenever i can.

So beskotkeras, i do hope u like my gifts for u and for lil Jada too.

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Our Children's Memory makers

I read an interesting article on NST’s online paper today. This writer wrote about the process of memory making for our children. I have to agree that this small act is normally goes unnoticed by most of us, as parent to our children or even we as children to our parents.

It is the small things that each & one of us do out of our responsibility to our children. And it was also what our parents did for us when we were growing up.It can be such as sending and picking up the children to/from school. Or reading storrybooks before bedtime.Actually it can be anything that we do for our children. No matter how small the act is.

Only after reading that article do I now understand why my mind always remember my mom's special routine during my growing up years. This special routine was actually her memory making for us.

My mom was a primary school teacher. Her teaching period was always in the morning session as she was teaching Standard 1 & 2 pupils. Every weekdays' morning ( before subuh ) without fail, she will get up early to cook the lunch dishes. This things was done regardless we have maid or not. She herself will prepare every single cooking . And mind you, the routine dish was always gulai lemak kuning . Use whatever fishes or vegetables with fresh coconut milk but the dish will always be gulai lemak kuning . It’s my dad favourite dish up to this days.

During those growing up years and while still schooling at non-boarding school, this act was nothing special to me. To me, she was just doing something so that we have food on the table when we get home for lunch from school.

It does sound simple, ain't it? Which made me thinking. There are times when we do complain about things with our children. Maybe we grumble a bit here and there. Or scold them too. And most of the time we didn't realize the impact we have made on our children's memory. It's humane I guess. But just bear in our thoughts of wouldn't it be nice if our children can have good & positive memories to remember throughout their lives?

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Single Parent Again

Me & Arissa sent our breadwinner to KL central last nite. Again, I am a single parent to Arissa for 4 days & 3 nites. Last 2 weeks I was a single parent too. Hubby is so busy thesedays. I pity him as he still has no official assistance i.e staffs to help him with office work. Of course he does get help from other people's staffs.But it's different if u can have your own staff to help u rather than using others.

So where he is now? My other half is in Abu Dhabi today for one nite. Then he will put a nite in Dubai. The 3rd nite will be in Singapore. His days will be spent in meeting rooms. Actually there should be 3 persons going for this trip. But the person whose news of upcoming wedding was out in the paper last weekend, decided not to go for this trip. What an unprofessional last minute decision he made. And my hubby's CEO hates to cancel the trip as it would be unfair to the investors. True la.. So ladies, the most( is he? ) eligible bachelor in town with a datukship to his name is finally taken by this TVthree newspresenter. Will we get invited to the wedding? We shall see la kan in the next few weeks.

After dropping off hubby at the KL central, we girls headed to Mid Valley. Just minutes we left the place, Arissa cried in the baby carseat. I asked her why. And true to my hunch, she was already missing her Baba. More teary eyes she got when I hold her hand while waiting for the green light. She was ok when she got to speak to her baba afterthat and when I gave her to listen to her favourite song 'ketahuan' by Matta.. So Arissa sayang, yes. That was your fav. song when u will be 3 years old next month in August.

Looking back at the scence of my daughter missing her baba, i just hate the fact of how our works take the most of our times from our kids. Sometimes I envy parents who have lotsa money and have ample time to spend with their kids. Not that I am not thankful for what I have. And not that I hate my job. It's just that I hate it when we have to stay back after office hours. How nice to be able to be home by 5 pm.

Btw, tomorrow is J-Card day at Mid Valley. I'm still thinking whether do I need to go there and what things do I need to buy.

Friday, 11 July 2008

When everything is 1st time experience. Young and old.

How to react & feel when not a single person in the wardroom ( except myself) know how to change dirty nappy of a newborn baby? A pity sight tight? That's what I feel on Wednesday nite .

Remember about my entry two days ago where I had to pick up my hubby from KL central? Well, my hubby texted me about his friend R'd who just dapat( sorry, I don't know the best word for this in English ) baby boy . Since we were not far from DSC Hospital, we decided to pay the newly parents a visit.

What a delighted news for me when R'd's wife told me of their plan to breastfeed their baby. U know how I'm into this one hundred percents! Thus, I shared with her my two years experience of breastfeeding my child. I even asked if she had a problem with latching on as this is common for 1st time mothers. Thank God, she had a good latch. With that I reassured her that she had passed the 1st hurdle of making a successfull breastfeeding. I tried to shared as much as I can with her during that short visit.

And yes, I remind her & her hubby to be strong when there will be people who will suggest giving powdered milk to their baby. The nearest attack will be from parents & family.

Soiled nappy? YEah, her MIL & her mother was there in the room. And the hubbies were outside the room. They called the nurse to help them change the dirty nappy. I can't blame them much as this is the 1st granchild for her MIL. As for her mother, maybe this was also her 1st expereince as R'd's wife is the only daughter in her family. Thus, it is expected neither all of them know how to handle a baby. In fact they were surprised when I told them the baby could be crying because of hunger. I put my cleaned & washed finger which I did before touching the baby into his mouth. Boy, was he hungry as he sucked my finger.

Before we left the hospital, me especially , advised R'd to be his wife number one supporter in breastfeeding. Actually I told him so many things also from what to do if his wife expereince engorgement, the benefits of breastmilk, the hiddened benefits of night feeding, milk production and so on.. When it's time to go, I told him to ring my hubby as he too knows most of these things and other things too about baby care & breastfeeding.

I hope things will go out smoothly for them.. Amin.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

London Trip

It's been a long busy week at office. Today is the same like yesterday. Waiting for sms from hubby informing me that I can now leave office. Why? I'm going to pick him up at KL Central. He has just arrived from UK on a short business trip with his CEO la.. For me, the trip looked like "balik kampung" alltogether. He left on Saturday nite last week. How I wish I could follow him but timing was not on my side. I had my own outstation trip to go early last week.

Did I tell him to get for me anything from London? Nope. How I wish I can think of something of so many things actually. But my mind had been so occupied with office work. Not fair kan..

I'm trying to fit it so many things to do this weekend. There's a birthday celebration on Sunday. And on Saturday, there's a small reunion for Convent Seremban girls.. And there's stuff for our new house to look & buy.. Yikes! I'm going to have a busy weekends for this month.

Gotta go...

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Right in front of my eyes

Last Monday morning I saw a baby in a babycar seat whose age is less than 1 year old left alone inside the car. My car was parked next to that car. The father was inside the Petronas petrol shop withdrawing his money from ATM machine. Then I saw a guy walking near the car. My heart start beating nervously when that guy took a look at the baby. Thank god he walked away and stand just near the car while his eyes drifted into the petrol station. A few seconds later, the baby's father walked to that guy and gave him some money.

I just can't believe that this act of irresponsible is happening in our society. Don't they learned from what had happened to others as reported in the newpaper. Kids are an expensive commodity thesedays. There are people who are willing to pay through their nose for this. And yet we never learnt.

I shouldn't have sit inside my car when that incident happened.I should have stand outside the baby's window. I regret for not having the quick impulse reaction to do something that is right at that time. I may get scolded by the parent but at least that baby is safe from harm.