Wednesday, 9 July 2008

London Trip

It's been a long busy week at office. Today is the same like yesterday. Waiting for sms from hubby informing me that I can now leave office. Why? I'm going to pick him up at KL Central. He has just arrived from UK on a short business trip with his CEO la.. For me, the trip looked like "balik kampung" alltogether. He left on Saturday nite last week. How I wish I could follow him but timing was not on my side. I had my own outstation trip to go early last week.

Did I tell him to get for me anything from London? Nope. How I wish I can think of something of so many things actually. But my mind had been so occupied with office work. Not fair kan..

I'm trying to fit it so many things to do this weekend. There's a birthday celebration on Sunday. And on Saturday, there's a small reunion for Convent Seremban girls.. And there's stuff for our new house to look & buy.. Yikes! I'm going to have a busy weekends for this month.

Gotta go...

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