Thursday, 24 July 2008

Our Children's Memory makers

I read an interesting article on NST’s online paper today. This writer wrote about the process of memory making for our children. I have to agree that this small act is normally goes unnoticed by most of us, as parent to our children or even we as children to our parents.

It is the small things that each & one of us do out of our responsibility to our children. And it was also what our parents did for us when we were growing up.It can be such as sending and picking up the children to/from school. Or reading storrybooks before bedtime.Actually it can be anything that we do for our children. No matter how small the act is.

Only after reading that article do I now understand why my mind always remember my mom's special routine during my growing up years. This special routine was actually her memory making for us.

My mom was a primary school teacher. Her teaching period was always in the morning session as she was teaching Standard 1 & 2 pupils. Every weekdays' morning ( before subuh ) without fail, she will get up early to cook the lunch dishes. This things was done regardless we have maid or not. She herself will prepare every single cooking . And mind you, the routine dish was always gulai lemak kuning . Use whatever fishes or vegetables with fresh coconut milk but the dish will always be gulai lemak kuning . It’s my dad favourite dish up to this days.

During those growing up years and while still schooling at non-boarding school, this act was nothing special to me. To me, she was just doing something so that we have food on the table when we get home for lunch from school.

It does sound simple, ain't it? Which made me thinking. There are times when we do complain about things with our children. Maybe we grumble a bit here and there. Or scold them too. And most of the time we didn't realize the impact we have made on our children's memory. It's humane I guess. But just bear in our thoughts of wouldn't it be nice if our children can have good & positive memories to remember throughout their lives?

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