Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Single Parent Again

Me & Arissa sent our breadwinner to KL central last nite. Again, I am a single parent to Arissa for 4 days & 3 nites. Last 2 weeks I was a single parent too. Hubby is so busy thesedays. I pity him as he still has no official assistance i.e staffs to help him with office work. Of course he does get help from other people's staffs.But it's different if u can have your own staff to help u rather than using others.

So where he is now? My other half is in Abu Dhabi today for one nite. Then he will put a nite in Dubai. The 3rd nite will be in Singapore. His days will be spent in meeting rooms. Actually there should be 3 persons going for this trip. But the person whose news of upcoming wedding was out in the paper last weekend, decided not to go for this trip. What an unprofessional last minute decision he made. And my hubby's CEO hates to cancel the trip as it would be unfair to the investors. True la.. So ladies, the most( is he? ) eligible bachelor in town with a datukship to his name is finally taken by this TVthree newspresenter. Will we get invited to the wedding? We shall see la kan in the next few weeks.

After dropping off hubby at the KL central, we girls headed to Mid Valley. Just minutes we left the place, Arissa cried in the baby carseat. I asked her why. And true to my hunch, she was already missing her Baba. More teary eyes she got when I hold her hand while waiting for the green light. She was ok when she got to speak to her baba afterthat and when I gave her to listen to her favourite song 'ketahuan' by Matta.. So Arissa sayang, yes. That was your fav. song when u will be 3 years old next month in August.

Looking back at the scence of my daughter missing her baba, i just hate the fact of how our works take the most of our times from our kids. Sometimes I envy parents who have lotsa money and have ample time to spend with their kids. Not that I am not thankful for what I have. And not that I hate my job. It's just that I hate it when we have to stay back after office hours. How nice to be able to be home by 5 pm.

Btw, tomorrow is J-Card day at Mid Valley. I'm still thinking whether do I need to go there and what things do I need to buy.

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