Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Right in front of my eyes

Last Monday morning I saw a baby in a babycar seat whose age is less than 1 year old left alone inside the car. My car was parked next to that car. The father was inside the Petronas petrol shop withdrawing his money from ATM machine. Then I saw a guy walking near the car. My heart start beating nervously when that guy took a look at the baby. Thank god he walked away and stand just near the car while his eyes drifted into the petrol station. A few seconds later, the baby's father walked to that guy and gave him some money.

I just can't believe that this act of irresponsible is happening in our society. Don't they learned from what had happened to others as reported in the newpaper. Kids are an expensive commodity thesedays. There are people who are willing to pay through their nose for this. And yet we never learnt.

I shouldn't have sit inside my car when that incident happened.I should have stand outside the baby's window. I regret for not having the quick impulse reaction to do something that is right at that time. I may get scolded by the parent but at least that baby is safe from harm.

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