Friday, 27 March 2009

Chitchat in my room

I miss talking to my sisters!

That’s coming from my colleague who is barely 3 weeks married… I wasn’t that surprised with her comment as that is the stage that we all married people will go through..

When u are married, u are bound to miss certain ritual be it family ritual or friends’ ritual or whatever things that we normally do when we were single and available..

And my lady colleague are so used being around her sisters. Not that she is the youngest in the family. She’s the eldest in fact. And how she is used to come home after work and chitchat with her sisters..

And all this reminds me of my own borak2 or chitchat with my family. It’s not that we have now stop talking to each other. But the kinda chit chat that I’m referring to is the lepak2 in my bedroom.

I can’t remember how it all started. I mean the customary lepak2 thing in my bedroom ( my sister’s room too as we shared the same big room) .. All I know is that, my mom would come to our room and she will either lie down on our bed or sit down on the bed with her back leaning against the wall. I and my sister would be either joined her at the bed or sit at our chair. And soon after that, my eldest bro and my younger brother would soon join us too..All except my father which will only joined much later. Sometimes, none at all as he would be out from the house.

What do we talk? Anything. It could be about relatives, friends, school etc. And how long will we be talking? More than 2 hours I guess .

So I’m missing this chitchat . And my family kinda understand the need of we-can’t-be-doing-that-chitchat like we normally do when I was still single. But I must say that my mom sometimes do come to my room ( when I’m back at their house for balik kampong) to chitchat with me.. And this only happened when I’m back without my hubby. And so were my brothers and sisters too. They would be doing the same thing. But now that they are all married, I rarely got them to come to my room.. They can’t be leaving their spouses all alone.
I guess my family members understand the privacy that I & my hubby needed. Plus the room (my sister have another room to herself now ) is our only private place in my parents’ house.

With that, my bedroom at my parents’ house will always be a special room for me. For it is the room where my family and me did our chitchat. It is the room that bonded us closer as family members. The room that witness each & every single words of our conversation.

And I’m thankful to Him for giving me the memories. Not all family out there get to do what I did with my mom, sister & brothers.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Benjamin Button

I didn't watch Benjamin Button movie because of Brad Pitt. Not that I'm denying it that he is one of good looking actors that we have.. But I watched his current movie which is still showing at most cinema is because of the story line/plot of the movie..

And Wikepedia gave almost full details of the movie plot which is like what u will see when u are watching it..

I first came across it last month while downloading my Cinema birthday movie coupon. Once done reading the reviews of the film from various websites, I just now it that I really wanna watch this movie.. If and when the times permit us..

And Alhamdulillah, I got to watch it last Sunday with my dearest hubby when we were back in my home town Seremban. As usual, we watched it at MBO in Terminal Two.. Less people and convienent to get there from parents' house.

No doubt the movie is a long 2 hours and 45 minutes movie.But I doubt they can make it a short one when the story itself requires that long time.

The plot made me think of how if things like that were to happen in our time. How would that person deals with it. Would we too be making the same decision like Benjamin who left his Daisy and baby girl ?

And yeah, tears were flowing down my cheeks during one of the sad parts.. And how touching it is for Daisy to have Benjamin craddled in her arms during that final breath of his. Normally we will be holding our wrinkle and aging loved ones. But in this movie, our aging loved ones is just like a new born baby..

How lucky of Daisy to be near by Benjamin's side before he close his eyes . And how so creative of the director to use the humming bird to simbolize someone's death..

And I'm surprise that dearest hubby enjoyed watching it. Thanks dear for your company!

Friday, 6 March 2009

Coach me to these!!!

Currently I'm on the look out for new handbag... Why? Coz the current one that I have is gonna soon can not be used anymore.

A thing about handbags with me is I rarely buy handbags! Not that it's something I wanna shout out loud.But that's the truth about me.

Reasons are : I have my mom to who likes to buy handbags for her daughters. So far we ( and her too) have been blessed with having the opportunity to stay/ed for a two or three weeks either in US or UK. All these thanks to my brothers la.. Soon my eldest brother , Insya Allah , will be transfered again to London for a good minimum of 3 years working posting.

I remember staying for two weeks in Sheffield ,UK for my eldest brother's convocation. He being ones who knows where the FO's are either for pinggan mangkuk like Royal Dalton/Albert , shoes : Bally /Clarks , and all those branded & expensives brands would take us there for shopping. The same thing also happened with my younger brother . He too knows where all the FO's are when he was studying and working in Milwaukee, US.

So I would be buying less than 10 handbags ( reasons why i rarely buy one ) . I'll be buying different type of handbags to suit different occasions. I still can't forget my shopping spree in the US.. I bought so many things from handbags to shoes to watches... Of course I did my survey & research on the prices here before buying it all there in the US. And it was so worth it! I remember my Guess watch that I bought less than RM100 when it was infact RM300 plus here. Sad to say that I still have some of the handbags that I have not even used till now.. Btw all are in good conditions la..

Some of the handbags too were bought by my eldest SIL and by brothers too... I have to say that they got it ( all the branded ones like the S'vtore F'gamo) cheap. I'm not bragging here. But the prices that they paid is like paying peanuts..

And thanks to dearest hubby, I have more handbags lagi ..He bought some when he was in US for his business trip.

So why do I need to find a new handbag when I still have others in the closet? Coz, my needs are different now. I'm a working woman & mother too... So the size of handbags have changed over the years. The one that I'm currently used for office is the AAA brand made in Bandung..

Yeah! I do have the imitation ones.. :)

And this morning, I visited Coach's website.. I had visited other sales blogs too that sell Coach handbags.. But I have not gone sooo rambang mata about Coach till this morning.. I wish I can have those up there !!

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Kiasu Driver

Something on the road amused me on my way to work this morning.

I was using the SMART tunnel and was only about 250 meters away on the way out to Jalan Tun Razak. Those who have used this SMART tunnel would know that the lane on the way out to Jalan Tun Razak is a one lane only.

So there I was queuing up in line on the way out to Jalan Tun Razak. Suddenly from the back mirror view I saw this Kelisa car driven by this one young lady with long hair cutting the maroon Honda City which was behind me from the left side. The Kelisa car was able to cut the Honda city as the Honda city wasn’t in the middle of the lane. The Honda city was more on the right side of the lane thus creating ample space for a small car like that Kelisa to cut over from the left side.

So now the Kelisa car is moving slowly behind me. A few seconds after that, came another small car which was a Kancil who tried to cut over the Kelisa car girl from the left side too..

Aha!!!!! Guess what was that Kelisa girl trying to do? From my back mirror , I saw her panic and drove her car more to the left side of the lane…She obviously didn’t want that Kancil car to over take her!

Her kiasu act tickled me that I just had to shake my head in disapproval…

Come on la…U did the same thing to that maroon Honda City. And now u disapproved what the Kancil car wanna do to you! That is so pathetic!!

That was why I called her kiasu driver. And a kiasu driver who always wanna be 1st in the line, who hates queuing up, who doesn’t know that one lane road should be one lane road and not two lanes is always those who drives SMALL CAR!

This exclude those branded small cars like the Minis .Know why I don’t categorized Minis drivers as kiassu drivers? Well, I have never seen Minis cutting over lane impatiently like the other small cars . And I never seen a dented MINIs or other dented branded expensive small cars.

Normally , the cars driven or owned by kiasu drivers is always dented and have scratches here and there..

So that was my morning drive today… A kiasu driver that tickled my normally stress morning drive to work.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

On-line purchase

I rarely buy things on-line . But couples of week back, I couldn't resist the temptation to buy this necklace from Aunty Shidah's blog. I could have bought more than one necklace if the others were still available for purchase. Most of her beadswork are simply pretty !

So yesterday, I received my parcel . And what surprise and nice of Aunty Shidah to wrap the parcel with nice printed wrapper.. Holding and unwrapping the parcel made me feel like unwrapping my birthday present. How nice of her to give that extra personal touch to parcel.

And to top it most, the act of receiving my postal parcel reminds me so much of my penfriend's days.. How me and my penfriends used to exchange parcels . I can't remember how many we had been sending to each others. But the feeling of receiving one is definitely good.

On another note, i back at work after staying 4 days & 3 nites at DSH. Arissa had been warded for her inflamed airways. It all happened when I went to DSH for my monthly check-up with my O&G doctor. Was surprised to see another blogger there in the same clinic..

Anyway, as Arissa had been coughing at night & in the morning for the past one week, my motherly instinct just had me to take her to see her paed doctor. Based on the doctors' advice , Arissa had to be warded . What was thought to be 2 days and 1 nite had turned into 4 days and 3 nites.

Alhamdulillah , she was discharged yesterday. Now she doesn't have night cough. Only morning cough which we are hoping will soon go away. Currently she is on her 6-8 puffs daily. I mostly thankful to Allah that Arissa has been such a good girl since birth. If other kids are peaky eater, well, she is not. Her tastebud is so like an adult. And she likes spicy food too. Serve what ever food to her, and InsyaAllah, she will eat it. In fact she doesn't mind to give it a try on new food.

And when it comes to taking her medicines, Alhamdulillah, she wont resist or spit it out.No matter how not-so-nice the taste of it. Of course she will make that yucky face.But she will swallow it. Thus, with this second baby, I really hope and pray that he/she will be like Arissa.

After spending 24 hours a day for 4 days with her parents, thus it's no wonder that my lil Munchkin is missing her mama so much..She had called me twice today.Asking me to come home early. Hemm.. ;(