Friday, 6 March 2009

Coach me to these!!!

Currently I'm on the look out for new handbag... Why? Coz the current one that I have is gonna soon can not be used anymore.

A thing about handbags with me is I rarely buy handbags! Not that it's something I wanna shout out loud.But that's the truth about me.

Reasons are : I have my mom to who likes to buy handbags for her daughters. So far we ( and her too) have been blessed with having the opportunity to stay/ed for a two or three weeks either in US or UK. All these thanks to my brothers la.. Soon my eldest brother , Insya Allah , will be transfered again to London for a good minimum of 3 years working posting.

I remember staying for two weeks in Sheffield ,UK for my eldest brother's convocation. He being ones who knows where the FO's are either for pinggan mangkuk like Royal Dalton/Albert , shoes : Bally /Clarks , and all those branded & expensives brands would take us there for shopping. The same thing also happened with my younger brother . He too knows where all the FO's are when he was studying and working in Milwaukee, US.

So I would be buying less than 10 handbags ( reasons why i rarely buy one ) . I'll be buying different type of handbags to suit different occasions. I still can't forget my shopping spree in the US.. I bought so many things from handbags to shoes to watches... Of course I did my survey & research on the prices here before buying it all there in the US. And it was so worth it! I remember my Guess watch that I bought less than RM100 when it was infact RM300 plus here. Sad to say that I still have some of the handbags that I have not even used till now.. Btw all are in good conditions la..

Some of the handbags too were bought by my eldest SIL and by brothers too... I have to say that they got it ( all the branded ones like the S'vtore F'gamo) cheap. I'm not bragging here. But the prices that they paid is like paying peanuts..

And thanks to dearest hubby, I have more handbags lagi ..He bought some when he was in US for his business trip.

So why do I need to find a new handbag when I still have others in the closet? Coz, my needs are different now. I'm a working woman & mother too... So the size of handbags have changed over the years. The one that I'm currently used for office is the AAA brand made in Bandung..

Yeah! I do have the imitation ones.. :)

And this morning, I visited Coach's website.. I had visited other sales blogs too that sell Coach handbags.. But I have not gone sooo rambang mata about Coach till this morning.. I wish I can have those up there !!

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