Wednesday, 4 March 2009

On-line purchase

I rarely buy things on-line . But couples of week back, I couldn't resist the temptation to buy this necklace from Aunty Shidah's blog. I could have bought more than one necklace if the others were still available for purchase. Most of her beadswork are simply pretty !

So yesterday, I received my parcel . And what surprise and nice of Aunty Shidah to wrap the parcel with nice printed wrapper.. Holding and unwrapping the parcel made me feel like unwrapping my birthday present. How nice of her to give that extra personal touch to parcel.

And to top it most, the act of receiving my postal parcel reminds me so much of my penfriend's days.. How me and my penfriends used to exchange parcels . I can't remember how many we had been sending to each others. But the feeling of receiving one is definitely good.

On another note, i back at work after staying 4 days & 3 nites at DSH. Arissa had been warded for her inflamed airways. It all happened when I went to DSH for my monthly check-up with my O&G doctor. Was surprised to see another blogger there in the same clinic..

Anyway, as Arissa had been coughing at night & in the morning for the past one week, my motherly instinct just had me to take her to see her paed doctor. Based on the doctors' advice , Arissa had to be warded . What was thought to be 2 days and 1 nite had turned into 4 days and 3 nites.

Alhamdulillah , she was discharged yesterday. Now she doesn't have night cough. Only morning cough which we are hoping will soon go away. Currently she is on her 6-8 puffs daily. I mostly thankful to Allah that Arissa has been such a good girl since birth. If other kids are peaky eater, well, she is not. Her tastebud is so like an adult. And she likes spicy food too. Serve what ever food to her, and InsyaAllah, she will eat it. In fact she doesn't mind to give it a try on new food.

And when it comes to taking her medicines, Alhamdulillah, she wont resist or spit it out.No matter how not-so-nice the taste of it. Of course she will make that yucky face.But she will swallow it. Thus, with this second baby, I really hope and pray that he/she will be like Arissa.

After spending 24 hours a day for 4 days with her parents, thus it's no wonder that my lil Munchkin is missing her mama so much..She had called me twice today.Asking me to come home early. Hemm.. ;(


Mrs.Nury said...

Nice necklace u bought emly...i pun suker.Sian nyer arissa awarded...anyway hope she's getting well & you also dear takecare btw kan when is ur edd?Dah tau ker gender baby?Hehehe i pulak yg excited

emly2175 said...

Nury: thanks for the compliments..About Arissa, no more night coughs for her..Tapi batuk waktu pagi dah mula berkurangan setiap hari.. About me the 4 months preggy mommy, no news on the the baby's gender yet..lagi ler I malas nak beli barang baby..