Friday, 27 March 2009

Chitchat in my room

I miss talking to my sisters!

That’s coming from my colleague who is barely 3 weeks married… I wasn’t that surprised with her comment as that is the stage that we all married people will go through..

When u are married, u are bound to miss certain ritual be it family ritual or friends’ ritual or whatever things that we normally do when we were single and available..

And my lady colleague are so used being around her sisters. Not that she is the youngest in the family. She’s the eldest in fact. And how she is used to come home after work and chitchat with her sisters..

And all this reminds me of my own borak2 or chitchat with my family. It’s not that we have now stop talking to each other. But the kinda chit chat that I’m referring to is the lepak2 in my bedroom.

I can’t remember how it all started. I mean the customary lepak2 thing in my bedroom ( my sister’s room too as we shared the same big room) .. All I know is that, my mom would come to our room and she will either lie down on our bed or sit down on the bed with her back leaning against the wall. I and my sister would be either joined her at the bed or sit at our chair. And soon after that, my eldest bro and my younger brother would soon join us too..All except my father which will only joined much later. Sometimes, none at all as he would be out from the house.

What do we talk? Anything. It could be about relatives, friends, school etc. And how long will we be talking? More than 2 hours I guess .

So I’m missing this chitchat . And my family kinda understand the need of we-can’t-be-doing-that-chitchat like we normally do when I was still single. But I must say that my mom sometimes do come to my room ( when I’m back at their house for balik kampong) to chitchat with me.. And this only happened when I’m back without my hubby. And so were my brothers and sisters too. They would be doing the same thing. But now that they are all married, I rarely got them to come to my room.. They can’t be leaving their spouses all alone.
I guess my family members understand the privacy that I & my hubby needed. Plus the room (my sister have another room to herself now ) is our only private place in my parents’ house.

With that, my bedroom at my parents’ house will always be a special room for me. For it is the room where my family and me did our chitchat. It is the room that bonded us closer as family members. The room that witness each & every single words of our conversation.

And I’m thankful to Him for giving me the memories. Not all family out there get to do what I did with my mom, sister & brothers.

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