Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Spectra vs Ameda BP

Reason of today's entry was due to my visit to momslittleones shop at Sri Kembangan a few weeks ago.

It's is also because I know how dilemma and confusing it is to choose breast pump(BP) ..

Prior to my visit to momslittleones shop, I have chosen 2 BP that I favour most ie Spectra 3 and Ameda Lactaline. On the 1st ranking was Spectra 3 followed by Ameda . But before I can make the final purchase, I need something concrete or strong validation to back up my decision.

In fact, I hate feeling inferior when hubby asked me why I made that purchase.. My dearest husband doesn't like impulse purchases or semi-impulse purchase or whatever purchases that is done without fullest logical thinking. Simple to say, do enough Qs & As before making that final decision.. But then again, I am not a shopaholic too..

Back to my visit , I have to say that I gained alot of useful infos on both BP. And looking at the BP online is definetely not the same as looking at it in reality. When I say in reality, I mean by touching it , feeling it with your barehands and even testing it on my body.

I have to stressed these finer points that touching the BP with my own hands helped me alot in understanding the BPs. There at the shop, the BPs are display outside the box/packaging. Normally we will only see the BPs being displayed in the box. Thus, we only get to view it and read whatever is written on the box/packaging.

But at the shop, they let you touch and try the BPs. And the best part of it, not only that I learn how to assemble & disassemble all the BP parts, I found out which one is easier to use. Working mothers who have to express at office have less time to spare for expressing session.

So on Spectra I found out that it's open system pump is one bad point that I dont like.. An open systems pump means that there is no barrier in between the tubes and milk collection . So there is a chance that milk will leak into the pump tubing. With that, this means inconvenience and a hassle to working mothers as we have to then wash, sterilize and air dry the tubes before pumping again. And the tubes are not that big. In office, the most that we will pump is for 3 sessions. And how on earth are we going to airdry it in such a short time?

And I found out from the sales person there who was really helpful and knowledgable about BPs, these incidents is a common thing. Another common thing to happen is that milk/water gets into the motorpump via the tubes. And when this happen, you need to send your motor for a service. Each service cost about RM50-RM100 . Once u send your motor pump for service, the level of noice motor will be a bit louder than before.. But it is still quiter than Medela which most users said sounded like mesin potong rumput!!!!! Imagine the noise of the motor pump of a grasscutter.

And with milk leaking inside the tubes, then mold can be found too.. Mold is not good as this will infected your precious expressed milk.

Howeve, the manufaturer have recently come up with a special item that function as a barrier to prevent leaking milk. How effective this small part is unknown yet as momlittleone have only have it in their shop recently ( less than a month ) . Thus, need to wait for review from the users.

As for Ameda, it is a closed system pump that have a diaphragm which acts as a barrier to prevent milk from leaking into tubes. Thus, the expressed milk is never exposed to the tubes or the motor pump. The best part is that less parts to wash and sterilize! Yippe! And no mold too..

On a personal notes, I did have a good look at the Spectra & Ameda BP. I found out that the milk-leak-into-tubes can happen easily due to the design of the Spectra. So that is one key point that worries me.. You may think how on earth will the milk leak into the tubes and into the motor pump. Well, it can happen when we accidently dropped the bottles on the floor or have it tilted during expressing sessions.

Another bad points on Spectra is that u can't use batteries supply when there is no electricity. But with Ameda yes.

However, both have it's good points too. Both can be used with Avent wide neck bottles and Aventvia cups. Just use the Spectra Wide neck converter. This u can only find from fabulousmom online shop( for malaysia).

Both are good trusted BP brand that is recommend by certified lactations. The level of noise is way much better than Medela BPs. And it's not that heavy & bulky too..

On single pump and double pump, I only have to say this. If u are a working mother like me who wants more expressed milk in a short time ( less than 20 minutes from assembling the BP to washing it ) , then double pumps is the best choice. On brands, Medela or Spectra of Ameda are ok.. So long as it is approved and recommended by certified lactations.

Oh yeah, somehow Avent is not so on the prefered list at that shop...

I'm can't wait to receive my Ameda this week...

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