Friday, 29 May 2009

it's weekend again..

Tomorrow is Saturday. And like so many other weekends, mine is pretty much the same . Same as I'll be sending Arissa to her musikhause class . Her Baba will only get to join her in class if he is free from attending his own class too.. Yep. Only mama who is not having any Saturday class.

But this weekend is a busy one. There's Arissa'a replacement class on Sunday as she had to miss it last Saturday for my company's family day at PD. So two classes for her during this weekend.

On Sunday too there will be a wedding of one of my company's staffs. But I'm not so sure to attend it as the wedding starts at 12 noon at Dewan Perdana Felda. And Arissa's class starts at 1.30 noon. Her class is all the way to Ikano area.

On Saturday nite itself, the malay community in my neighbourhood will be having BBQ nite. Work have been assigned to each of the families except mine.. Why? Coz i'm 7 months pregnant...hehehehhe

Anyway, each one of the ladies will have specific task to do ie. on food preparation . The men will definitely have to the BBQ and setting up the tents.

I guess married couples' weekends tend to be a bit busy than single people.. Why? Coz there will be the gathering of family members for either for special reasons like kenduri doa selamat or tahlil or birthday celebration or no reasons at all. Suddenly the whole weekends in that month seem so full of family activities .

But when u have kids, you will want to have a free weekends which only revolve around your family only. This exclude your parents, PIL, brothers & sisters, BILs & SILs & relatives..
I bet most of us do feel it this way..

Same goes for me and my hubby too.. And since it's a busy weekends for me & family, thus I have decided to do my groceries shopping today after coming back from work. I normally will resort to this idea if i know my weekends are full of things to do ie. family gatherings either on my hubby's side or my side.

This plan will leave me extra time for Arissa and my hubby too this weekends.. At least I get to spend the day in our house doing anything with both of them... It can be coloring , playing with clay, going for a swim or jogging( mine will be brisk walking la ) . And dearest hubby will get to do his revision or simply having his rest by watching the TV or playing with me & Arissa.

For that, I'm really looking forward to this weekends eventhough I know it will be a busy one. Most of the times, that is what we do . Meaning one of us either me or my spouse have to play his/her roles for the family when the other partner is busy . We all do this .

Have a good weekends everyone!

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Road to Cloth Diapers

Anyone who wanted to find out more on cloth diapers, free to swing by at the following blog...I know it's not easy to find a good review on cloth diapers when there are so many brands outhere in the market... Even I am , and still are ( a bit) confused on the best & suitable CDs for my 2nd child.

Nevertheless, I'm glad that I found diaperasia/forum to clear my curiousity and doubts on CDs.. In fact , these CDs addicted mommies were all so helpful to share what they know about CDs based on their experiences..

One piece of advice that I remember most about choosing the CDs is that to all CDs are good in its own function. But ones will only find the right CDs depending on their own children as each child is different from another child. No doubts I will have to buy a few brand 1st and see if it suits my baby.But I will try to minimize the wrong-brand/types-purchased by reading as much information I can .. Me no shopaholic CDs..

1. Jess's blog

2.Indi & Maya's mommy's shop

3. Farra's shop

4. Soho Mama

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Cloth diaper: which one?

I'm soooo pening!!!! Confused with cloth diapers @ CD...

Ok. So I'm currently doing my research on cloth diapers..Read on the types of cloth diapers available here ie. sold online .. I even read the forum to understand it more..

But I'm getting so pening and confused and arg!!!!!!

Confused that there are so many brands outthere and design too.. Pocket diapers, Fitted diapers,All-in-Ones (AIOs) ...

I hate the idea of buy-first-try-later concept.. From the forum, most of the CD addicts bought so many types of CD.. This meaning investing in hundreds of ringgit 1st until we find the right and comfortable and convenient CD which is just suitable for our baby...

And I'm not that kind of buyer. No matter how cute the CD designs on my baby's bottom, I'm not going to buy every CD there is on the market..

I just want to buy the right one.... Argh!!! I'm in the middle of closing the April's account...And I'm 25th weeks pregnant... And there are so many other things that I need to sort it out and get and buy before my 2nd baby pops out early August!!!!

Let there be light at the end of my CD tunnel!!! Amin...

Monday, 4 May 2009

ante-natal class

So should both couple ie. husband & wife attend the ante-natal together or only the expectant mother to attend?

For me , both should attend the class actually as it takes two to tango . And babies are actually a miraculous creation of two human beings. Thus it makes strong & reasonable sense that both expectant mother& father to attend ante-natal class..

So there I was reading from the malaysianbride forum on the excitedness these expectant mommies feel of attending ante-natal classses..Some expressed the sadness of having to go alone as their spouses got a valid reasons not to atttend..

But I can not help not to feel from the words in the forums the sadness and jealousy some of these women feels.. The women whose husbands are't attending the classes for some unknown reasons that I can only assumes lazy to go..

So i'm sorry if what I said is so wrong.But then again, I feel pity for these women who will be alone at the classes..

Imagine the pain and the stories of other's labour that these women will be hearing at these classes.. Not all of us can take the pain..I know this for sure coz I just read one email from this lady who got scared listening to all the story in the labor room. Of course the teacher won't be telling it in a scary way.

But not all of us women can stand or picture the pain of getting 10cm dillated ...

Thus, having a moral supoort in the presence of a husband at the ante-natal class will be such a relief actually. Coz, these women will know that they are not alone during that life-threatening moments.. Don't forget that there are mommies who sacrificed their lives to their babies.

Plus, how on earth to make sense on the breathing techniques.. And not forgetting the massaging lesson the husbands can learn and offer to their heavily & aching wives!

With that, for me, both husband and wife team should go....

Saturday, 2 May 2009

labor day wifi free

Spending my labour day hols in my parents' free wifi house .. :)

Ayah installed it as it will be easier for his cucu( aged 10 years old mind you ) to surf the net..More of playing on line games from the sesame website..

Thus, for us adults, it's a bonus as we get to surf the net using our own notebook.. Yippee..

And since I don't have internet access at office( hard to get illegal access ) , here I am catching up with what I can with facebook & blogs and internet research...

So many stuffs to search with regards to my pregnancy state and stuffs for nursing and breastfeeding.. Mind you , it's not easy to get variety of nursing bra and BPA free products here in Malaysia..

Thank goodness to wonders of www , I managed to buy some breastpump spareparts together with other mommies.. Who would have thought that 's forum is more than a wedding info stops but also a good place for new mommies and soon-to-be mommies to share informations on any thing..

Sometimes, we alone can't find the right info on the certain things. And how time consuming it is to search one stuffs that other mothers are also into it.. Thus, I'm glad that I got to share the shipping cost for buying one stuff that other mommies want too. Best I got to know which online shop offering FOC international shipping.. Thus, I hope to receive my parcel soon..

On baby's stuffs, I have yet to start on it.. I know the clock is ticking..Thus, I'm planning to do some spring cleaning on Arissa's baby clothing this month.. I've got the ameda breast pump purchased online. Currently waiting for the purchased valve and custom flange to arrived.

And how most of the prices of bottles & teats cleaser & baby detergent have gone up since the last 2 years.. I stopped buying these products 2 years back after weaning off Arissa from my breastmilk .

As for normal diapers or cloth diapers, I'm still undecided on it.No doubt I have done my research on it. And had read some blogs on it too.. But I guess I need to check it out 1st with one person who said that she had used it before. Plus, I need to be sure that my maid can handle this cloth diapers.. This is due to my maid capabilities . Only we the majikan knows our maids capabilities and thinking level...Hai yah!

Ok...Gootta go for lunch now..Off to movie date with dearest hubby after lunch...

Happy weekends everyone..