Saturday, 2 May 2009

labor day wifi free

Spending my labour day hols in my parents' free wifi house .. :)

Ayah installed it as it will be easier for his cucu( aged 10 years old mind you ) to surf the net..More of playing on line games from the sesame website..

Thus, for us adults, it's a bonus as we get to surf the net using our own notebook.. Yippee..

And since I don't have internet access at office( hard to get illegal access ) , here I am catching up with what I can with facebook & blogs and internet research...

So many stuffs to search with regards to my pregnancy state and stuffs for nursing and breastfeeding.. Mind you , it's not easy to get variety of nursing bra and BPA free products here in Malaysia..

Thank goodness to wonders of www , I managed to buy some breastpump spareparts together with other mommies.. Who would have thought that 's forum is more than a wedding info stops but also a good place for new mommies and soon-to-be mommies to share informations on any thing..

Sometimes, we alone can't find the right info on the certain things. And how time consuming it is to search one stuffs that other mothers are also into it.. Thus, I'm glad that I got to share the shipping cost for buying one stuff that other mommies want too. Best I got to know which online shop offering FOC international shipping.. Thus, I hope to receive my parcel soon..

On baby's stuffs, I have yet to start on it.. I know the clock is ticking..Thus, I'm planning to do some spring cleaning on Arissa's baby clothing this month.. I've got the ameda breast pump purchased online. Currently waiting for the purchased valve and custom flange to arrived.

And how most of the prices of bottles & teats cleaser & baby detergent have gone up since the last 2 years.. I stopped buying these products 2 years back after weaning off Arissa from my breastmilk .

As for normal diapers or cloth diapers, I'm still undecided on it.No doubt I have done my research on it. And had read some blogs on it too.. But I guess I need to check it out 1st with one person who said that she had used it before. Plus, I need to be sure that my maid can handle this cloth diapers.. This is due to my maid capabilities . Only we the majikan knows our maids capabilities and thinking level...Hai yah!

Ok...Gootta go for lunch now..Off to movie date with dearest hubby after lunch...

Happy weekends everyone..

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