Friday, 29 May 2009

it's weekend again..

Tomorrow is Saturday. And like so many other weekends, mine is pretty much the same . Same as I'll be sending Arissa to her musikhause class . Her Baba will only get to join her in class if he is free from attending his own class too.. Yep. Only mama who is not having any Saturday class.

But this weekend is a busy one. There's Arissa'a replacement class on Sunday as she had to miss it last Saturday for my company's family day at PD. So two classes for her during this weekend.

On Sunday too there will be a wedding of one of my company's staffs. But I'm not so sure to attend it as the wedding starts at 12 noon at Dewan Perdana Felda. And Arissa's class starts at 1.30 noon. Her class is all the way to Ikano area.

On Saturday nite itself, the malay community in my neighbourhood will be having BBQ nite. Work have been assigned to each of the families except mine.. Why? Coz i'm 7 months pregnant...hehehehhe

Anyway, each one of the ladies will have specific task to do ie. on food preparation . The men will definitely have to the BBQ and setting up the tents.

I guess married couples' weekends tend to be a bit busy than single people.. Why? Coz there will be the gathering of family members for either for special reasons like kenduri doa selamat or tahlil or birthday celebration or no reasons at all. Suddenly the whole weekends in that month seem so full of family activities .

But when u have kids, you will want to have a free weekends which only revolve around your family only. This exclude your parents, PIL, brothers & sisters, BILs & SILs & relatives..
I bet most of us do feel it this way..

Same goes for me and my hubby too.. And since it's a busy weekends for me & family, thus I have decided to do my groceries shopping today after coming back from work. I normally will resort to this idea if i know my weekends are full of things to do ie. family gatherings either on my hubby's side or my side.

This plan will leave me extra time for Arissa and my hubby too this weekends.. At least I get to spend the day in our house doing anything with both of them... It can be coloring , playing with clay, going for a swim or jogging( mine will be brisk walking la ) . And dearest hubby will get to do his revision or simply having his rest by watching the TV or playing with me & Arissa.

For that, I'm really looking forward to this weekends eventhough I know it will be a busy one. Most of the times, that is what we do . Meaning one of us either me or my spouse have to play his/her roles for the family when the other partner is busy . We all do this .

Have a good weekends everyone!

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dbab said...

so agree with this entry..
weekdays, no family time..
weekends? kena penuhi undangan mcm2. so how?
sometimes i kat kl pening la babe.
byk hati nak kena jaga :)
ramai anak mcm i, lagi tak larat nak kejar sana sini..