Monday, 22 June 2009

Arissa's 1st day in pre-school

We lived each day as it is.. Making out the very best of each day. And though at the back of our mind, we know that that special day will come knocking on our lives, we are still slowly accepting and getting used to the idea of Arissa’s going to pre-school.

Yes. My 1st born has finally made her 1st step into pre-school. And Friday ,June 19th 2009 was really a good day to start our daughter ‘s 1st day in pre-school.

For the past 12 weeks, me and hubby had been sending Arissa to a weekend’s class. The 45 minutes ‘ class was only once a week. Prior to this, we had send her to Gymboree in Bangsar .She was 1 year plus. I’m looking at her Gymboree’s photos. And how time flies. And her hair was straight then!

I guess sending Arissa to the weekend class at musickhaus had given her a good early exposure in socializing and being around other kids. She had fun attending her weekend class that she always told us how she wanted to go to school. And she was always asking me & her baba whether she have class the next day. So we had been hearing the same tune from her for the past 10 weeks.

Thus, when her class ended on June 13th, 2009, we decided to quickly enroll her in a pre-school. We thought this is for the best as Arissa was still feeling high and excited about school.
With that hubby & me took a day off on Thursday, just to search for the right and best pre-school . And yes, our lil munchkin did tag along during the school hunting. We went to 2 pre-schools located around our housing area that Thursday morning.

The 1st pre-school is using Qdees concept and the 2nd ones is using Montessori and Jolly Phonics UK. Of course Arissa likes the swimming pool at the 1st pre-school . But somehow, the teachers ‘ lack of teaching passion and how they really stick and adhere to the qdees syllabus, put me& hubby off. The one issue that didn’t appeal to me and hubby is the daily homework concept.

We had a good look at the books that are used at the 1st preschool. But somehow, we just couldn’t buy the idea of daily homework for kids below 7 years old. For us, toddler should be learning new things in a free and relaxing manner which involves a lot of physical and mental movements. And not confine to sitting on the chair and desk all the time. I guess, that time can wait as all kids will enter standard 1. And for the time being, let these kids learn in a manner that suits their age. No offence to any parents who like Qdees ok..

For the 2nd pre-school, Arissa herself willingly join on-going classroom while me & hubby busy talking to the principal. I must say that the principal of the 2nd pre-school is more passionate and energetic than the 1st pre-school’s principal. And so are the other teachers at the 2nd pre-school.

I’m amazed and thankful that Arissa herself like the 2nd pre-school. Amazed because she can pointed to the principal’s business card when ask which pre-school she likes best. And hubby quickly suggested that we enrolled her the next day which was Friday. So , me & MIL along with Arissa, went to the pre-school after lunch and settled all the necessary payment and details for the enrollement. Boy, was she excited when she sees the 2 uniform dresses , 1 set pair of PE uniform, the school bag , phonics book and CD.

That night we put Arissa to bed as early as 9.30 pm. And woke her up as early as 7.15 am . Her class started at 8.30 am. And it was PE time which was good as they let the kids play at the school playground. Thus, Arissa got the chance to mix around with the other kids in a relax manner and not confined to the classroom. I guess this helped her to break the ice with her new classmates.

Me and hubby stayed there, standing and watching her play. Or course she ran to us a few times. And she even told me not to snap pictures of her..Haiya! Thank goodness, hubby managed to snap a few pictures of her playing .

And when she finally gained the confidence and comfortable playing with the other kids, did she come to us to tell that we can leave her. “ Baba, u can go now”. “ Mama too”. So that was after 20 minutes we were there.

I have to mentioned this… One of the lady teachers, upon knowing that it was Arissa’s 1st day there, quickly hold Arissa’s hand and asked her name. She then led Arissa to join the other kids at the playground. Me and hubby was touched by this simple act. She had made Arissa feel welcome to these new surroundings.

And Arissa got her wish came true. All these while, she has been telling us how she wanted go to & come back from school by school bus/van. My MIL was supposed to pick her up on that Friday when school finishes at 11.30 am. And Arissa knew that her Tuk Umi is fetching her up as we were not sure if we can get the school van. But she didn’t want to follow her tuk umi back home when the teacher told her that she can go home by school van. Hehhehe..

So her tuk umi just drove behind the school van until Arissa was dropped off in front of our house. And I can hear how happy she was when I spoke to her on the phone later. That night she told us that she was brave and happy at school.

Was I worried throughout that Friday morning? A bit I must say. And I was looking at my phone from time to time, wondering if there’s a call from my MIL or from the school…. But none until 12 pm. Hehheeheh..

Thus, Alhamdulillah . All were fine and good on Arissa’s 1st day in pre-school.

I remember looking at her in her PE uniform that Friday morning. How grown up my girl is!

Btw, guess who had problem to sleep the night before ? hehhehehe.. Definitely not the female gender..

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