Thursday, 25 June 2009

My baby girl turned big girl

We had been warned that the 1st week of Arissa's schooling will be a challenging period for us and for our girl too.

Though the 1st day went smooth sailing, the 2nd and the 3rd day wasn't so smooth at all . :)

I wasn't supposed to send her to school on the 2nd day which was a Monday. But somehow I wanted to see her in her school uniform dress for the very 1st time.

So , my presence did distrupt the morning a bit. She was asking me & hubby to stay a little bit longer that morning. But after being there , standing outside the classroom for almost 10 minutes, we just had to go. And the effect was that she was upset with her Baba for not staying in her class. And she cried a bit in the morning and while waiting for the school van to arrive. This happened as there were other kids who were crying too. How contagious a cry can be for kids!
And upon seeing my MIL's car parked not far from the school, she told her teacher that she wanted to go home with my MIL. And in the car, she cried too..

Back from work that evening, I asked her reasons for crying.As expected, she was upset with her Baba and for me a bit. And she didn't want to go home by van as she was afraid that Aunty van driver didn't know our house address. hehehehe

The 3rd day was the same scenerio too. Hubby was late for work as Arissa was holding him back longer. I didn't send her to school as me & hubby have agreed that it's better for our daughter to get used to the idea and ritual of only my hubby sending her to school in the morning. Arissa came back from school with my MIL as she was able to see my MIL's car eventhough it was parked a little bit further from the school... And yes, she cried a bit.

And 4th day? Alhamdulillah. All was ok . After convincing her that the aunty van driver know our house address, she went home by school van. And MIL was smart to park her car far from school that day. Only the school teacher saw my MIL's car.. Our big girl called me around 1 o'clock noon just to let me know that she didn't cry on that day. But other kids cried! heheheh.

They are teaching her Mandarin too. To make it fun and exciting for her, I told her to teach me some mandarin words as I only know a little bit of Cantonese . This I learnt from watching too much of Hong Kong serial drama & movies way back during high school..

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