Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Alya in FS1

To sum it up, Alya really enjoy going to school...

To her, school is fun .. In fact , she taught that everyday is school day. We had to tell her that Saturday and Sunday is rest day. And that means no school. And it is also rest days for Baba. How she always want Baba to come home early from work.. Also how she knows how she can play and be with her dad more on rest day.. so that is how the weekend stick to her mind..

I am also amazed and thankful how she easily wakes up at 6 am on every morning. She will wake me up too by telling not to go to sleep as it is morning time already..

And what an easy and quick drop off for her at class too in the morning. Arissa really loves doing the drop off for Alya.. so off both of them to Alya's class while I send Aisyah to her class and unpack her school stuffs. Once done, off me and Aisyah to Alya's class. By the time we reach there,Alya has unpack and neatly arranged her bag , communication bag and lunch bag at its designated cabinets. There is always a smile from her happyface .. and how she just wanna go and play immidiately ..so a hug and kiss for her.. she doesnt even want to follow me to send Arissa to her Year 6 waiting area.. gosh!

That is how excited and happy Alya is every single day since school started..

Alhamdulillah.. how Allah is Great when each child is so unique ..

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