Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Experience missed

Today Jan 2nd ,2013 is the first day of school for all schools in Malaysia .

My eldest Arissa would be in Standard Two if she were to school here.

However , something about what my friend wrote in her FB made me realized that I wont be going through that experience she got to make.

Wrapping new text books.

Yeah! I can remember how my mom helped me to wrap my school text books. That was when i wasn't able to do it on my own.

So, with my eldest, I did not get to do it for her as we were already living in Jakarta back in Dec31st 2011.  And there were no textbooks to be wrapped for there are no text books for her. Yeah! Schooling in an international school is not only a fun experience for Arissa but also totally different from what me and my husband had gone through when we were at her age.

If we were still staying here in Malaysia, I would be doing the wrapping ..Ops! I dont think it would be me honestly. It would definitely be my hubby! Some how i just know that it would be my hubby. Hahah!

Not that i will envy him . But he would be the best text book wrapper in the world..hahah

Hmmmm..wrapping school text books! I am missing it surely