Monday, 30 April 2007

Late or Early , Who cares!

Is a big deal if your child starts talking earlier than expected? Or can walk before the average age of walking? For me, all these things are not important so long as my child has a good physical & mental development that is not on the alarming stage. That is why I feel irritated when people like to make comparison between his/her child development with mine. More irritated when they boast how fast their children can speak or walk when theirs was at the same age of your child.

I am thankful that so far my child started walking & talking earlier than the average age a child is. In fact, me & husband are surprised when she can comprehend what we said to her.. There were times when I wish she wouldn't grow up so fast as I want to savour every minutes of her growing up.
But, then again, time and again I reminded myself to be thankful for all these things as there are some parents out there who are not so lucky as me.

So, if your child is a late bloomer, just be happy & thankful that you have a child that is healthy & well.