Monday, 30 November 2009

Great coffee. Great company.Altra Rica

I'm not a coffee lover. But last night coffee at my BIL's house was surely a kick.. It was just your regular kinda brand but from a premium selection. I missed the colombian premium line when my SIL served it on a-day-that-I-wasn't-around .Nevertheless the Altra Rica got me liking my coffee..

Which is why food will be on top listing for things-from-london... Heheheh.. Told my hubby that he is to get all kinds of chocolates, choc drink and coffee powder from his next London trip. I know that I should be asking him to get other non-food item.But then, this is not the season to be jolly when it's actually winter season there..Nevertheless, getting me a parfume would be ok too....

I like my Sunday night yesterday compared to the Sunday lunch at my BIL's house. We were there again to pick up hubby's handphone which must be pick up no matter what.Why? Coz his monthly pay cheque depends on it. hehehe..

I know hubby would love to stay a little longer to chat with BIL & SIL but then Lil B aka Aisyah was left at home. I can't remember when was it the last time we hang around at my BIl's house without the presence of the stress-factor...hehehhe..

Everyone from kids to adults surely act differently when the stress-factor is not around. I don't know why but everyone just switch on to their prim&proper aka unrelaxed mannerselves when the stress-factor is around. I'm not implying that the stress-factor is a not-so-good person. That person is actually a good person. Trust me on these ok..hehehe

Talked about drinking coffee , I surely have changed myself a bit.. This i compared to my life when there was only Arissa around. Now, there are two precious princess in my life. I avoided coffee and took less caffainated drinks when breastfeeding Arissa for 2 solid years. But with Lil B, I'm consuming a little bit extra on caffeinated drinks..

And this time around, i took extra steps in controlling my food intake. I saw myself gaining weight during those 2 years of breastfeeding Arissa. Thus, i sort of promised myself not to be in that weight again this time around with Lil B. So yeah, I get to fit into my old choc pants that I used to wear before giving birth to Arissa. That choc pants can't fit me during the 4 years of Arissa's life. But now, it fits me even after 3 month of giving birth to Aisyah..

We all know how breastfeeding makes one hungry after each feeding sessions. Thus, i'm more determine this 2nd time around to maintain my weight .Of course dearest hubby said that I can lose more weight which i like too. But i have to attribute my weight loss factor to my temporary status of SAHM which ended 3 weeks ago.. It was sure tiring to be a maidless SAHM. But nothing can replaced those precious times that i spent taking care of Arissa & Aisyah. Yeah, i still miss those moments of waiting for Arissa to come home from school at 12noon everyday..

So, alhamdulillah, last weekend was a good one eventhough we only got to put up our feet after 1030 pm only..

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Skill Trade

Who knows how to sew? I don't. But my MIL & my mom know how to sew. MIL was an ex-home science teacher while my mom who is a retired teacher too learnt this skill from gayapos( its advertisement were in the newspapers thosedays).

Thus my children are lucky to have baju kurung sewn by their tuk Umi. Not only that, my MIL sewn beautifully patched baby's bolster and pillow covers for the girls. For Aisyah , my 2nd child, MIL sewn bolster and pillow covers with 2 patched rabbits on it. This to symbolize of my 2 girls , Arissa & Aisyah. And for my old rented house my mom sewn all the lucky i am kan!

So why didn't i learn this? I have no solid answer for that. Maybe lack of interest. Not that it never crossed my mind. It did. But that was years ago.. I had myself thinking of how i should learn to sew leher baju kurung tulang belut from my mom..And until now that never materialised.. And i wonder what will happen to my MIL sewing machine once she passed away.. Hers is the special one unlike my mom's normal machine... I hope one of my daughters would inherit these gift( skills)..Insya Allah..

Having an extra skills like sewing or cooking are really an advantage for women especially. Not only you get to sew your own clothes & curtains but you can also earn a living from these skills..In fact these can be the 2nd job after one reaches her company's retirement working age.

Which is why i admire those mommies who make full use of their sewing skills in sewing beautiful and useful stuffs like baby slings ( pouch & ring sling) , the soft structured carrier, baby's clothings, hair clips and many more..

And why was this issue of sewing crossed my mind? Must be beacuse of the beautiful snuggbaby SSC and Hotslings pouch that i saw yesterday online.. heheheh

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Mei tai hunting

how am i not to drool over this mei tai..check out at

the fabrics are just soooooooo cool & eye-catching.. Now i'm just waiting for jumosac's SSC which also look like mei tai..

I have to admit that my hands are just itchy to get these lovely things. And oh yeah, i've bought my very 1st baby pouch from fabulousmom..They were having a shop clearance sales last week. If it's not for the email that I received on Wednesday last week, i wouldn't have gone there and bought one.. Mine was a simple plane color. Bought it as it was on sales.

And how is the pouch? handy . Still trying to familiar myself with it..

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Birthday party

As matter of fact, I'm refering to kids birthday party. Thesedays, it's a common and natural things to see how parents would selfishly spent entra for a grand birthday party for their children.

i was just browsing through some kid's birthday party pictures. Of course one will get ooh & aah all over the pretty settings and all the lovely goody bags and delicious food too. I wonder how much does it cost to have kids birthday party when the goody bags is filled with toys, pretty hair clips, etc. And thesedays it's a must to hire a face/hand painter and cute cupcakes too.

But one thing that hit my mind after a while of browsing through those pictures. Would any parents be throwing the same level of birthday party for all his/hers children? I mean lets say you have more than 2 kids . So would u be spending the same huge amount of money for each of your kids birthday party?

Somehow, I don't think they would. Which is why some of us parents outthere have decided only to have one or the very most 2 kids. Not 3 or 4 kids. All in the matter of wanting the best and only the best for their children.

No one is blaming these parents for spending so selfishly for their kids. It's their money anyway. But what i;m curious to know is did they ( those parents la) at any point of time feel pressured to keep up to their friend's standard.

With that I mean, imagine one friend of yours started to throw big & expensive birthday party for their kids. Soon all the other mothers ( normally it's the mother who gets all excited about parties) started to throw the same level/status of a kid's birthday party.

hemmm... all i can say is that those kids are lucky. Actually any kids who get to celebrate his/her birthday is lucky regardless if the party is only kenduri doa selamat , or even a small party with only a cake and celebrate with mom & dad only.

Because at the end of the day, it is the thoughts and actions that matters. Even a small muffin with one candle can make a 3 year old girl smiled so big ...ahah!