Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Birthday party

As matter of fact, I'm refering to kids birthday party. Thesedays, it's a common and natural things to see how parents would selfishly spent entra for a grand birthday party for their children.

i was just browsing through some kid's birthday party pictures. Of course one will get ooh & aah all over the pretty settings and all the lovely goody bags and delicious food too. I wonder how much does it cost to have kids birthday party when the goody bags is filled with toys, pretty hair clips, etc. And thesedays it's a must to hire a face/hand painter and cute cupcakes too.

But one thing that hit my mind after a while of browsing through those pictures. Would any parents be throwing the same level of birthday party for all his/hers children? I mean lets say you have more than 2 kids . So would u be spending the same huge amount of money for each of your kids birthday party?

Somehow, I don't think they would. Which is why some of us parents outthere have decided only to have one or the very most 2 kids. Not 3 or 4 kids. All in the matter of wanting the best and only the best for their children.

No one is blaming these parents for spending so selfishly for their kids. It's their money anyway. But what i;m curious to know is did they ( those parents la) at any point of time feel pressured to keep up to their friend's standard.

With that I mean, imagine one friend of yours started to throw big & expensive birthday party for their kids. Soon all the other mothers ( normally it's the mother who gets all excited about parties) started to throw the same level/status of a kid's birthday party.

hemmm... all i can say is that those kids are lucky. Actually any kids who get to celebrate his/her birthday is lucky regardless if the party is only kenduri doa selamat , or even a small party with only a cake and celebrate with mom & dad only.

Because at the end of the day, it is the thoughts and actions that matters. Even a small muffin with one candle can make a 3 year old girl smiled so big ...ahah!


Delia said...

i tak feel pressured to have a grand do for my boys birthday party coz for one my inlaws are soooo against celebrating one's birthday!! hehe tapi sometimes i tak sampai hati kalau my parents nak buat a small do for my boys coz cucu diorang jugak. plus i'm gonna have 4 boys!!! but i always appreciate invites of any birthday party from my friends for their kids, be it big or small... =) and i am one who will go oooh and aah on the pretty decor and lovely goodie bags my boys received coz i know i'll never be that creative or so thoughtful on all the minute details...it's really a matter of personal choice kan? =)

dott said...

i agree its all Aa matter of choice on how much parents nak spent on the parties..grand is subjective...buat kat kindies pun can consider grand jugak..sometimes a small muffin and a candle pun can be grand... if da muffin bought from harrod :)

its good to have parties let it be doa slamat, birthday, makan2, grand or small, ini semua mengeratkan persahabatan...thanx to parties my kids now have their own bff..;)