Wednesday, 31 December 2008

One Tree Hill

I'm a sucker for love theme movies or any tv shows that relates to lifes, freindship ...oh !!! all the mushy mushy things !!!! So I'm addicted to this One tree Hill newest season which is currently screening at one of our tv channels... I didn't follow much the earlier seasons... But the latest one which was after their graduations was suddenly a hit with me and made me stick like glue to it..

I guess this current season running on tv reminds me of my own life after SPM..not that it resembles much of my own life ...but somehow u can relate to the story easily... Of how all of us search for that one true love ...the search for soulmates... And it is interesting when u are looking for it at a young age of early twenties or almost twenties... Normally this is the age of immaturity as we are still young.. In general not all of us have reach that level of maturity at this age...Maybe because of our surrounding and upbringing..

Guess I need to get the whole episodes in one complete volume from the VCD store quickly!!!

btw: I'm busy watching it via youtube now!!! ;)

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Family holidays cum Anniversary Gift

Somehow this year the need for a family vacation was so strong. It could be also because the last few years were not a suitable one . Not when there were so many things happened in the family.

As December too was our wedding anniversary month, it gave more meaning to go for a vacation. Plus, this was our very 1st family holidays tooo with Arissa.

We had choosen Langkawi as it was last minute plan ... I was so busy with my work and not having an internet access at the office too didn't help much in my planning .. So imagine having to check out for any free internet access when doing your work... Not an easy task to juggle work and getting travel & flight info at the same time..

And how was Langkawi? Not bad actually when u are taking any child below 12 years old.. Who would have thought that Langkawi can offer a real life interaction with animals. I have to say that my daughter is budak bandar @ city kid as she was not born & raised in kampung area.
With that, she hardly sees or have much interaction with animals , minus the cats & monkeys from the forest behind our house!

So we went to the Wild Animals & Birds life park & Underwater world. Of course for those who have been to Singapore's own birds park& underwater world will be dissapointed with the latter.
But not to the children innocent eyes. Those two places gave so much adventures, life experience and exposure to Arissa. For she got to feed all those cockatoos, deers, monkeys, parrots, ducks, flamingos ,rabbits and even ostriches ... Did u guys know that cuckatoos pandai makan kuaci? And also eat oranges?

I had been to Langkawi countless times during my unidays and for company's trip too. But I never did go for the suspension bridge at the top of mount mat cincang ... This time around I had Arissa to walk with me on the bridge.. Mind u that the bridge was a bit shakey as it was more than 600 mtr above sea level ... The view from the top was beautiful and splendid.. But to walk at the bridge, u need to walk through some jungle tracks first..Going down would be easy.But walking up to the cable station on top of the mountain will be strenous.. U definitely will see those yang pancit & short for breath along the tracks.. Me? Alhamdulillah i was ok..Guess going to the gym did help alot ! ;)

Hotel? We prebooked room at Langkasuka Beach resort which is just a short 10 minutes rides from the airport. It's sister hotel Helang Hotel was just a walking distance from the aiport. At least now we know how near Helang hotel is to the airport. Of course I did my research about the hotel from internet. And read so many reviews on it.But me & hubby went there with low expectation. We just didn;t want to be so upset with the real outcome if the the reviews were truly true..

The pool was ok and not murky looking and dirty. Maybe the stone tiles flooring gives the pool a murky & brownish look. But it was splendid for the kids and teenagers too.. The beach was superb. I dont know if the fine sand is really natural or imported from Thailand..

As for breakfast, it was the same menu everyday. Thus, it is better & cheaper to have breakfast outside either at Padang Masirat or Pantai Cenang. U can easily get RM1 nasi lemak at any stalls in pantai cenang. Somehow , there are only 2 mamak stalls there.

For dinner, we tried the Rasa restaurant at Pantai Cenang. The food is superb.. Of course it was a bit pricy for satay.But the taste was authentic and better than Samuri Sate kajang. From the meat to the kuah kacang. Memang sedap. Even the mee mamak was better than the one in mamak shops.

And I did plan to go for the pasar malam at Kuah Town. So we were in luck when there was one. Only in Northern pasar malam can u find this sweet kuih that is sold along with apam balik. I think it was called kuih manas. I used to eat it during my unidays at UUM.. And seeing it again after more than 10 years was trully sweet..

Arissa slept early during the 3 nights we were there. So we would see her dozing off before the dinner meals is served. We dont blame her for being tired as we were up very early and she didn't even have her afternoon nap. It wasn't easyfor her to fall asleep during the day as everything excites her..
She was singing & talking non stop during the 4 days trip.

And car! U really need it when u are in Langkawi. Somehow Myvi is very limited for rental. So u either get sentra , vios, or waja or saga or wira..

Pictures? Still in the camera!

Friday, 12 December 2008

December 2008

It common for me & hubby to have things to do or go during the Saturday or Sunday .. But I have never seen a packed weekends in one same month.. And December 2008's weekends is just so packed with this-and-that events for us.. Every weekend in this entire months will we us at different places for different events.

Two weddings and two family outings. Come this Saturday 13th , hopefully all the 3 of us will be at Istana Budaya for Sinbad. I said InsyaAllah as we never know what may come on that day that will hold us from being there. Marriage life is TOTALLY different from your solo life ... Why? Because u have your partner family's events & gatherings to be considered. And normally, they will be on top ranking..

And the much looking forward of our family holidays cum anniversary treat in the 4th week of December 2008. It will be our 1st family holidays . This will be Arissa's 1st time being onboard of the plane... As usuall, I had to be the holiday planner as hubby just don't have the luxury of free time to search & surf the net ...

So Alhamdulillah, we got the flight tickets and accomodations booked & paid. And I sorta got the info list of interesting places to visits already.. Not forgetting the Myvi that has been prebooked . However , we are still undecided on Pulau Payar trip. We are just unsure if the expensive fees are just worth the experience that Arissa can feel, touch and see. Mind u that our daughter is just 3 years old. Moreover ,she is way too young for snorkelling. So we are still 50-50 on this marine trip.

On things for this island vacation,I've bought the sun screen lotion and anti-mosquito spray too.. Little tiny Mr Mosq just love to bite on my daughter's skin. Sandals?Still looking for that beach sandals and some island clothings too...

Weddings? Simple to say that i have to lend an extra hand in these two weddings. My GM & my CEO is having the kenduri kahwin for their children. Thus, we the employees have to help around with the events..

I did share with them some info on orang-curi-barang-waktu-kenduri and bankers-of-day..
It's so common hear that the host will lost his/hers expensive/important things during kenduri kahwin... This uninvited guests cum robbers will rob whatever their hands can get during the short time they have ... It can be gold jewellery, handphone, camera, watch or even passport. They can sell the passport for thousands of ringgit!

Banker-of-the-day simply means those who are incharge of taking care of the money given by the guests to the host. This is common for a malay wedding done at house rather than at hotels.
U will need one person to be incharge of taking care of the money gifts..Normally this person will carry a handbag with her where she can help the host/es in keeping the money. I did this for my sister's & brother's wedding.

And i'm trying to get my life back in balance again... In fact this was the paper that I'm currently taking for my e-learning .. what is e- learning? This is something to do with my KPI actually.. Lazy to explain more on it..

Having my life back in balance means being able to do my bodyattack, body steps , high&lo and steps classes at Fitness F1rst.... These are my energizers. But it's not easy for me to make this decision as i have to come home late.. And that is why I am ever thankful for having my MIL to stay with us.. Do I feel guilty having to come home late? Yes. Now and then I will feel this.. But going to the gym is something that makes me feel good & happy. And I just have make sure i pay my dues to my daughter by giving her all my utmost attention & time& energy when I am at home... It is never an easy role being a working mother..

And the drain, well, I'm working at it....

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Bukit Antarabangsa

How would u feel when u see the houses and the roads that u used to see in the 4 years of your stay there? Numb? Sad? Relief? Thankful? Pity?

Alhamdulillah that we were not staying there anymore. We could have been there during the landslide as there were so many problems in getting our new house ready for move-in.. In-fact we did delay our 1st plan to move into our new house. But after that 1st delay, we just couldn;t put it on hold anymore... So, alhamdulillah .

Pity because my neighbours especially those with babies & small kids had to climb the hills when they were told to leave their houses .

Numb because really don't know what to say when I looked at wrecked & sunked houses.. I always passed those houses on my way in and out from my house to work/shopping .. And to see that grey colored house buried inside the earth, mmmmmm...
And what about that house with huge windows with so many cars parked outside the house? And the maid always vacuum cleaned all the cars on weekends...

They said we never learned from the past. True. If not this landslide wouldn't happened . Not after the Highland Towers tragedy.. And I dare to say that the 3rd one will happen too as I still see those virgin hills around Bukit Antarabangsa area being cleared for housing developments..

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Smiley Moon

This was what I missed last nite on Dec 1st , 2008. Only knew about it this morning after reading emails from my fellow DH. And since I missed it last nite, my only chance to see it will be in another 5 years to come!!!

Checked from the Net, the "smiling moon" was caused by Venus, Jupiter and a three-day-old crescent moon aligning at the right spots to form the Smiley.

You know I can't smile without you

I can't smile without you

I can't laugh and I can't sing

I'm finding it hard to do anything

you see I feel sad when you're sad

I feel glad when you're glad

if you only knew

what I'm going through

I just can't smile without you

a song by barry manilow
note for me: why did I missed it? I was busy getting Arissa to sleep. She won't be sleepy once she passed her bedtime.. Thus, it's important to get her in her sleepy mood and mode..