Wednesday, 31 December 2008

One Tree Hill

I'm a sucker for love theme movies or any tv shows that relates to lifes, freindship ...oh !!! all the mushy mushy things !!!! So I'm addicted to this One tree Hill newest season which is currently screening at one of our tv channels... I didn't follow much the earlier seasons... But the latest one which was after their graduations was suddenly a hit with me and made me stick like glue to it..

I guess this current season running on tv reminds me of my own life after SPM..not that it resembles much of my own life ...but somehow u can relate to the story easily... Of how all of us search for that one true love ...the search for soulmates... And it is interesting when u are looking for it at a young age of early twenties or almost twenties... Normally this is the age of immaturity as we are still young.. In general not all of us have reach that level of maturity at this age...Maybe because of our surrounding and upbringing..

Guess I need to get the whole episodes in one complete volume from the VCD store quickly!!!

btw: I'm busy watching it via youtube now!!! ;)

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