Thursday, 11 December 2008

Bukit Antarabangsa

How would u feel when u see the houses and the roads that u used to see in the 4 years of your stay there? Numb? Sad? Relief? Thankful? Pity?

Alhamdulillah that we were not staying there anymore. We could have been there during the landslide as there were so many problems in getting our new house ready for move-in.. In-fact we did delay our 1st plan to move into our new house. But after that 1st delay, we just couldn;t put it on hold anymore... So, alhamdulillah .

Pity because my neighbours especially those with babies & small kids had to climb the hills when they were told to leave their houses .

Numb because really don't know what to say when I looked at wrecked & sunked houses.. I always passed those houses on my way in and out from my house to work/shopping .. And to see that grey colored house buried inside the earth, mmmmmm...
And what about that house with huge windows with so many cars parked outside the house? And the maid always vacuum cleaned all the cars on weekends...

They said we never learned from the past. True. If not this landslide wouldn't happened . Not after the Highland Towers tragedy.. And I dare to say that the 3rd one will happen too as I still see those virgin hills around Bukit Antarabangsa area being cleared for housing developments..

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