Friday, 12 December 2008

December 2008

It common for me & hubby to have things to do or go during the Saturday or Sunday .. But I have never seen a packed weekends in one same month.. And December 2008's weekends is just so packed with this-and-that events for us.. Every weekend in this entire months will we us at different places for different events.

Two weddings and two family outings. Come this Saturday 13th , hopefully all the 3 of us will be at Istana Budaya for Sinbad. I said InsyaAllah as we never know what may come on that day that will hold us from being there. Marriage life is TOTALLY different from your solo life ... Why? Because u have your partner family's events & gatherings to be considered. And normally, they will be on top ranking..

And the much looking forward of our family holidays cum anniversary treat in the 4th week of December 2008. It will be our 1st family holidays . This will be Arissa's 1st time being onboard of the plane... As usuall, I had to be the holiday planner as hubby just don't have the luxury of free time to search & surf the net ...

So Alhamdulillah, we got the flight tickets and accomodations booked & paid. And I sorta got the info list of interesting places to visits already.. Not forgetting the Myvi that has been prebooked . However , we are still undecided on Pulau Payar trip. We are just unsure if the expensive fees are just worth the experience that Arissa can feel, touch and see. Mind u that our daughter is just 3 years old. Moreover ,she is way too young for snorkelling. So we are still 50-50 on this marine trip.

On things for this island vacation,I've bought the sun screen lotion and anti-mosquito spray too.. Little tiny Mr Mosq just love to bite on my daughter's skin. Sandals?Still looking for that beach sandals and some island clothings too...

Weddings? Simple to say that i have to lend an extra hand in these two weddings. My GM & my CEO is having the kenduri kahwin for their children. Thus, we the employees have to help around with the events..

I did share with them some info on orang-curi-barang-waktu-kenduri and bankers-of-day..
It's so common hear that the host will lost his/hers expensive/important things during kenduri kahwin... This uninvited guests cum robbers will rob whatever their hands can get during the short time they have ... It can be gold jewellery, handphone, camera, watch or even passport. They can sell the passport for thousands of ringgit!

Banker-of-the-day simply means those who are incharge of taking care of the money given by the guests to the host. This is common for a malay wedding done at house rather than at hotels.
U will need one person to be incharge of taking care of the money gifts..Normally this person will carry a handbag with her where she can help the host/es in keeping the money. I did this for my sister's & brother's wedding.

And i'm trying to get my life back in balance again... In fact this was the paper that I'm currently taking for my e-learning .. what is e- learning? This is something to do with my KPI actually.. Lazy to explain more on it..

Having my life back in balance means being able to do my bodyattack, body steps , high&lo and steps classes at Fitness F1rst.... These are my energizers. But it's not easy for me to make this decision as i have to come home late.. And that is why I am ever thankful for having my MIL to stay with us.. Do I feel guilty having to come home late? Yes. Now and then I will feel this.. But going to the gym is something that makes me feel good & happy. And I just have make sure i pay my dues to my daughter by giving her all my utmost attention & time& energy when I am at home... It is never an easy role being a working mother..

And the drain, well, I'm working at it....

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