Wednesday, 6 August 2008

My Lil Tigress

I shouldn't be surprised when Arissa wanted to do face painting at Ezz's birthday party. That's what my hubby told me as our little girl is not a timid person. She may be quite during the 1st few minutes when meeting people. But after that, she will just be the confident, outgoing & cheeky person she is.

I'm glad that we came to Hanna's eldest son's birthday party last Saturday. Actually our times were tight on that saturday as my SIL too were throwing out her son's 5th birthday party.

We decided to attend Ezz's party 1st as it was held early. Plus it was near to our home. It was nice to see some of the mommies blogger again. I rarely be able to go and get invited as most of my weekends were always full of family activities. And less invitation as I don't get to blog & visit so many other mommies blogs as much as I could. I know there are many of them who able to this as they have easier internet access compare to mine which is only limited to office pc. It's sure different to see people in flesh rather than in photo.

Yep! Arissa was the 1st customer for the face painter. She had flowers design painted on her left arms 1st. I'll put up the picture in my next entry k.

Did she bother with the attention she got from people when we were at the 2nd birthday party? Nope at all.. Infact she roared at some of the curious people.. Older people & mothers were obviuosly like the painted face as they said how comel she looked. But babies, they got scared by her face.

Arissa, u sure had one of your best day outing last Saturday. U ran , jumped, slided down at Kidsport.

p/s: picture is courtesy of Hanna